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Updated on: 08/13/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1110
Average Score: 64

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  • Over 300 videos and more than 100 photo sets have been added.
  • Updates are now every day of the week, so the amount of content should continue to grow.

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Meet John. He's a tourist who chronicles his adventures across the Eastern continent. Of course, Asian Sex Diary doesn't just talk about the hot spots, tourist attractions and local cuisine. In fact, any reference to them is only because he's using those locations to woo a hot Asian babe before taking her back to his hotel for some sex.

In fact, the focus of AsianSexDiary is mostly on how he meets women and seduces them into getting into bed with him. The site is a mix of a blog and a hardcore porn site. Sections include "this week's diary," "monthly agenda," "my conquests" and "my trophies."

"This week's diary" is a rundown of what John did that week. Sometimes a girl he meets doesn't want to be filmed, so you'll just get a gallery. The "agenda" is a calendar that lets you know when certain events took place, like when he chatted with a babe cam2cam (most of those are non-nude and don't reveal what was being chatted about), or when he took a chick to a restaurant or met her on the street.

After some dating and Facebook texting (and sometimes flat-out explaining that he wants to film them naked and/or have sex), John gets a chick to go back to his hotel where he fucks her. These sex scenes are his "conquests." The "trophies" is an index of the babes he managed to bed.

Clicking on the "weekly view" link shows you all the content combined, meaning both the conquest scenes and the videos in which John elaborates on what he did and/or plans to do in order to get some pussy. You'll see 1,255 videos here, but if you want to be able to list just the sex scenes themselves, then head to the section marked "conquests." There, you'll find 490 movies.

New content gets added to the website every day and it looks like over a dozen new conquests can be posted over the course of a month. Unfortunately, the movies can't be downloaded, only streamed. That's a bit of a downer, but on the bright side the flicks tend to be high in quality and some are even presented in HD. Another nice thing about the streams is that they work well. They load quickly and let you jump back or ahead as much as you want.

Each conquest comes with a set of images, giving you 490 photo galleries. Some of the pictures are in high-resolution and you might come across a vid cap here and there. You can view the galleries as slideshows, but there aren't any Zip downloads.

They have a section called "Try It Out For Yourself" that allows readers to get tips, advice and full reviews of sites, books, cameras, locations and even info on how to prepare and execute a trip to Asia to do just like John does. This is actually one of the most valuable aspects of Asian Sex Diary and why there is such a community presence on the site.

I really enjoyed the concept here and judging from the number of comments his scenes get, so do a bunch of his members. However, it would be nice if you could download the movies, although you sure can't complain about the quality. If you like the idea of seeing a guy traveling around Asia in search of some fine pussy, then you'll enjoy the site.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: bigbob2010

    Score: 30% Date: 10/04/2015

    When I started the membership the videos were downloadable, but a couple of months in, they changed that. I wont renew my membership with them for sure, regardless of how good their content may be.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 78% Date: 07/29/2015

    Most of the complains about downloads forget the fact that many people who download then will share with others and eventually it will end up on flash sites and street markets.

    There was a case like a few yers ago of a site named culioneros belonging to the bangbros network and they had real colombian girls and porn is not even illegal there from what i know but there were already people selling their videos in colombia (the site was blocked there) besides they also atracted the local media atention by shooting intros to the movies on known monuments and football stadium. For fear they canceled everything and the site was never updated anymore.

    About the Candypop/street meat from what i know this site has ceased operation last year, can read that on reviews and besides the fact that the indivual (known as dirty or naughty N....) featured in the clips was pretty discusting, was moving throught diferent countries for fear of the police and most of is videos were shot back in 2004/05, besides from what i readed the guy died a few years ago from some kind of cancer, you can read about this in forums or looking for the individual name.

    The same can be said about the Bangkok Street Whores network for the same reason has been halted for many years because the individual behind called "dirty W..." had to flee back 2006/07.

  • Comment by: junior57

    Score: 50% Date: 07/23/2015

    I only gave 50 out of 100 because of two let downs ...
    1. asian candy pop / again street meat (and all the other sites) have a download of files facility. You do NOT. They are also amateur girls but the angles are as they should be dues to a separate camera man! After 7 scene's I am seeing the same pattern blow-job and fucking in the same angles because self shot stuff is difficult to do right!

    2. $50 is a LOT of money to pay for a monthly subscription based upon the issues raised in point 1! Once I saw the site in full I cancelled my subscription right away!

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:07/23/2015): Comment edited. Also, the standard pricing is $39.95 USD and we're working now to get our discount pricing adjusted.

  • Comment by: Slickvd

    Score: 80% Date: 07/13/2015


    I am admin for John's Asian Sex Diary and I also work on some of the 'sister sites'. I understand your frustration with the streaming-only policy but it is necessary these days to combat piracy (online, as well as in the street markets of Asia) and to maintain when and how content is presented and/or removed. Not all consumers agree with this policy and we totally understand that it may ruffle some feathers, but it's a position we must hold to project the integrity of the sites and have as much control as possible as to where the content we possess can be accessed in the world.

    Simply put, we cannot continue to provide this level of quality exclusive and rare content if the videos continue to be shared all over. This is all to ensure that you, the consumer, have access to the best and most unique content in the niche. There are 1000's of sites with "blondes & big tits", but how many sites are there out there like Asian Sex Diary? Bringing you amateur Asian girls (not pornstars) in spontaneous encounters filmed by average guys (not professionals) traveling to far-flung destinations in Asia, some places that nobody on the outside has ever seen this kind of content from? It's a very small list.

    I can assure you that the rest of our Asian sites are all streaming-only for our exclusive updates, too. TrikePatrol used to allow downloads but we recently removed the feature there also to retain better control over the way content is displayed, much like Asian Sex Diary.

    In the age of computers having lightning fast internet connections, faster processors and barebones computers being 99% all able to stream and decode those streams flawlessly, there really is no need for download options anymore. I understand some people would need it... such as those who travel a lot, don't have their own connections, etc, but this is a gamble and position that many media-providing sites choose to take. Youtube, cnn, netflix, discovery online

  • Comment by: Youfuckingpiecesoffuckingshit

    Score: 9% Date: 06/24/2015

    John, you excuses regarding the downloads are pure bullshit and you know it. The sister sites to this offer downloads. The least you could do is man up and state the "no download' policy front and center before people join. If it doesn't affect their enjoyment, then it shouldn't be a problem. The fact that you don't just proves the lie.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/25/2015): We note in both the RabbitScore and written review that the site does not offer downloads. Be sure to check the review before visiting the site and if you ever have any questions regarding the site, leave a question here or contact us.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 65% Date: 06/14/2015

    The site was $29.95 (discount offered here is null) which in my opinion is already pricey, however it is now $39.95 to join which is entirely too much and absurd for a site that does not allow downloads.

    Site has very good content and I would join every few months to view the updates. Unless a discount is offered in the future, I will not be returning to this site.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/15/2015): Thank you for the head's up on the pricing. We'll get that resolved shortly.

  • Comment by: sloootie

    Score: 83% Date: 03/13/2015

    very interesting site, and mainly for the skill with which it is put together. i have question for John Tron: what is the music (song title) and artist used in the introductory video? i haven't heard it before.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/13/2015): Hi, slootie. I contacted the webmaster and email you their response.

  • Comment by: COaster

    Score: 97% Date: 03/03/2015

    Site works flawless for me on any device I use. I have not tried any apples or anything (cause I don't have any) but it always works for me. The only time I get streaming issues is if I am trying to watch more than one at once (which is silly, really - who can watch two porns at once? haha) and I live in the boondocks. Who needs downloads nowadays anyways? Everyone should have fast enough internet by now. Stop using 1997 computers full of ad-bars and browser addons. I suspect just pirates are complaining.

  • Comment by: Brad

    Score: 97% Date: 03/03/2015

    Incredible site. Best I have ever joined. You simply won't find anything else like it on the internet these days. Totally unique. This guy, John, is filming every single day as he travels all around Asia in different cities and towns; all different countries. China, HongKong, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia. It's insane. One man is doing this, and gives all kinds of cool insider tips and advice to members on how to do it themselves also. He fucks girls everywhere he goes that are total amateurs and you can't see anywhere else. Every day is a new post and a new part of his adventure. For me, the streaming video works great, probably because I have a 21st century internet connection in a 1st world country, but who knows. I don't need downloads when I get new videos every single friggin DAY! I can store my favorite vids on the site in my own section of favorites (nice feature!) for later viewing (i.e.- fapping, lol). Don't want to store big files on my PC i may only watch 2x. Plus i do a lot of my watching in bed on my iPad and the vids play great for me. It's a daily part of my life (that's sad, i know, haha) But totally amazing site. A true work of art if there ever was one in the "porno" world. Beats the hell outta the unimaginative generic crap out there. This is something you can follow. Love it!

  • Comment by: radarman

    Score: 40% Date: 02/08/2015

    Attention any one who is going to subscribe. No downloads. Even stream captures do not work. It is a shame -- nice site, But this is a deal breaker!!!
    I don't buy the John's explanation. I belong to many sites. I down load, don't share and comeback every 4 or 5 months for more.

  • Comment by: plurkstar

    Score: 40% Date: 01/26/2015

    This site piss me off each time I load the videos. Content is awesome, but the site's streaming is pain in the ass. I understand, they dont support download of the video..If you are forcing your users to stream your farking videos, please atleast get them right! I am using fiber optics 1gbps plan and I am constantly getting "Opps, We are experiencing some difficulties with this video, Please try again later". Not the first time, its every single time!! Not only on weekends, every single day!! Stay away!!

  • Comment by: 33hero

    Score: 98% Date: 11/23/2014

    Been a member for a long time. Never had any streaming issues. Some people have bad computers and cheap internet connections and then blame the sites they are on. So, yes, I am a fan of this unique site.

  • Comment by: Pangolin

    Score: 30% Date: 11/15/2014

    Not really happy with my subscription. Biggest turn off is there is no download options and the site owner have done every possible ways to prevent you from downloading from the site. Steaming the site is ridiculous. Most of the time the video get disconnected with the error message "We are experiencing some difficulty with the video, please try again later". I am pissed. Won't be signing up again.

  • Comment by: John Tron

    Score: 100% Date: 11/12/2014

    To Andy: the reason why no downloads has been explained many times and is more then fair, seen what the site provides in updates, tips and monger information. Giving 1/100 for your little personal disapproval is totally unfair for a site that is very well received for the right reasons.

  • Comment by: Jonny

    Score: 80% Date: 11/11/2014

    Some people mentioned the creamthais site and the ilovepussy and the fact they never update and and put old videos as new ones. The reason for that was they allow downloads and the news about videos reach the authorities or the girls report them. The creamthais individual was actually arrested years ago by the police and that is why is site stoped updates. The guy was obviously american and news at the time said that either his wife or other girls reported him when they found the videos and there is a large list of individuals who have been arrested over the years so this is serious danger.

    As for the ilovepussy site it seems the site is rarely updated wich indicates that he is no longer active besides all is movies were shoot by hidden cameras, bad quality and strange sounds.The site say he swiss wich is a lie because he talks american and the main give away he is mutilated.

  • Comment by: Andy

    Score: 1% Date: 11/10/2014

    Last time i can download any videos but now it wont let me. too bad i have to use some other program to capture it.

  • Comment by: erikst

    Score: 100% Date: 10/22/2014

    Just signed up for this site. It is simply amazing. It's only streaming, but that is no problem. Lots of information about girls, and the places. Easily worth the money, if you ask me.

  • Comment by: painkiller

    Score: 100% Date: 10/10/2014

    great site. A lot of tips, amazing girls, daily updated. Unseen! The creator must be genius

  • Comment by: warrior

    Score: 10% Date: 10/09/2014

    Like others have commented this site would easily get a 95/100 from me except for one deal breaking flaw, STREAMING ONLY NO DOWNLOADS WHATSOEVER. IMO that's just being greedy. So if you like sexy Asian girls getting pounded no condoms and no way to download and save your favorite vids to watch later then go for it but until then i wont be back until the owner gives the option to DL.

  • Comment by: David

    Score: 100% Date: 10/07/2014

    Thanks for the post John Tron. I guess what you are saying is your site is more an informative site than just a straight sex video site. Since you have a base of recurring members, more power to you. I'm sure I'll check it out sometime here in the near future.

  • Comment by: Pornfan

    Score: 95% Date: 09/27/2014

    seems the previous writer is really John Tron. I am a fan of his site. If you love Asian, you can only be happy being a member. What he wrote down here is true. I guess you will have to see it yourself. good luck

  • Comment by: John Tron

    Score: 100% Date: 09/21/2014

    Hi David, I like to react on this. I already explained why I don't believe in downloads anymore. I will for sure not charge my members more if they want to have a download. I like and I need to make money out of my efforts, but it's not the main reason why I started my site. I think that it is obvious once you are a member. The choice is simple. With my site you have daily updates of what is happening right now in Asia, with at least 3 new hardcore scenes per week, with all the location info of the places I visit (where to go for girls, what is the price, where are guest friendly hotels, interactive maps etc) with reviews of new cameras, with a big archive of lessons to monger (how to approach Asian girls etc..) and to shoot girls yourself, with exclusive girls from Asian countries where nobody else dares to shoot (China, hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc..). Or you can choose for the same price another site with 1 update per month, recycled old content, with downloads.
    The vision I had about my site is to have members who are happy to be a member and are excited to stay because there is always something new happening, because they can always ask me questions, because I am always there to provide any advice. What is 25 dollar a month when you get all this? My business model is in every way in the members advantage because The site and I will need to perform well to keep my members on board. Other sites are not busy with that. they know you will stay only one month and they don't care of you are disappointed 5 minutes after you paid your login access. I do and that's why I am happy to see that my members stay. And that's not because there are no downloads. greetings

  • Comment by: David

    Score: 80% Date: 09/10/2014

    Just stumbled onto the site thru free tube clips. This looks like a well thought out site. The main complaint is no downloads. It's interesting to see John the site owner comment on that here. The obvious reason people want download is that if you see a sex clip you really enjoy, you want to save it so that later you can watch it again without having to still be a member of the site. Now I agree John needs to make money, so how about this:have same steaming site, but with the addition of a small charge per video when you wish to download? John Tron?

  • Comment by: JustinT

    Score: 99% Date: 08/07/2014

    I am just amazed how this guy is running this site. I was first member 2 years ago and came back 1 year later. Did not leave anymore. It's addictive, so good. Strange that some people want to download the clips. For what? Quality is quality... just my opinion.
    I only made this comment to support the good work. Would never do it otherwise.

  • Comment by: Brazillllllll

    Score: 100% Date: 07/05/2014

    This site is a miracle! I am happy to be on it and I will stay there!

  • Comment by: Jstyles69

    Score: 100% Date: 07/02/2014

    This site is fuckin' AWESOME, screw those whining crybaby fucks, they just jealous cos they can't download them and upload them to free sites. C'mon people this guy is trying to make money just like everyone else, the site awesome the guy is awesome he gives a shit load of information about how to get a girl. He shoot scene in the bars too, where in the bar they won't let you in with a camera for those people that don't know. I have seen a lot of movie that do the samething as this guy, but he takes a bit further cos he actually picks up the girls from whatever location his goes, not the like the other ones where they talk to girl and they cut the bedroom scene. s best $30 bucks I EVAH spend don't pay attention to the complainers.

  • Comment by: brown

    Score: 100% Date: 05/14/2014

    this is the best of Porn, people ! All sites should be like this one

  • Comment by: jimmy

    Score: 1% Date: 05/11/2014

    i will not join a site that does not allow me to save the videos, this is a major deal breaker. They would otherwise have my 30 bucks.

  • Comment by: Santamaria

    Score: 90% Date: 05/03/2014

    this site is really good, I must admit. I started to become a member and I am still. Some issues have been solved. Connection is good now. Better site I ever been member off.
    good luck !

  • Comment by: Kit

    Score: 95% Date: 04/09/2014

    I think the site is very good and I liked these guy since he showd up on the trikepatrol on wich most of the scenes were like you would se on the typical american site ie all mechanic, set up, no real interation and always the "come on the mouth crap" wich all woman hate but they seem to be obcessed with that shit. His scenes are what you would get if you were there yourself.His idea is not totally original because i remember a german guy a few yers ago who would also travel throught countries and take pictures and interact eith the people, just didn't have the hardcore. The problema it seems is that he used to show his face on the vídeos and pictures on his blog and even on the videos he posted, you would se these mainly american guys and sometime angls, drunk come to him and ask his for favors.That is probaly why he shot everything down and deleted everything.I still has a few good videos he shot inside some bars wich you can't find anywhere. Anyway the negative part is maybe the download but it is understable because i would not like to se my videos on these tube porn sites.