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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I've never belonged to a gym, but there's one a few floors down in our building, so I'll often see people coming to and from their workouts. I don't really imagine dating or even having sex with any of the jocks I see, but I do admit to sometimes wondering what they look like naked. Next Door Male Mobile is the ideal tool for honing those fantasies.

NextDoorMaleMobile doesn't limit its models to only those who fit the jock bill, because you will also see twinks. In fact it is one of the categories and keyword tags you can use to browse the content, although they categorize more than one or two who is either too muscular or not really boyish enough.

It's the same issue when it comes to browsing the amateur category. They label most of the 523 videos (updated weekly) as having amateurs and in my mind that invokes images of men who haven't had much experience on camera and/or who look like your typical boy next door. Clearly, hunks like Zack Alexander and James Jameson qualify as pornstars, not newcomers, and unless you're living in the Olympic village, most of your neighbors won't boast the godlike physiques of these specimens.

The camerawork certainly isn't amateur, as the production values are high and all the movies added over the last couple years look excellent (older ones look average to good). Furthermore, unlike the standard version of Next Door Male, where there's pretty much one photo set for every video, here you'll soon realize that there aren't any photos.

While the design is good, navigation does have its issues and this is mostly due to the fact that there are only forward and back arrows, with no numbered links to specific pages. This means lots of tapping to get through the collection or to even try and find a scene on a specific page.

The non-mobile version gives you access to bonus sites, so you end up with access to all the websites on Next Door World Mobile, including Next Door Buddies Mobile, Trystan Bull Mobile and Rod Daily Mobile. The bonuses definitely add some value and with the amount of content already available and the high quality of much of it, Next Door Male Mobile is worth checking out.

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