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Updated on: 05/28/2016

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Since we last visited SlipperyMassage...

  • They look to be rotating content and there's even less today.
  • The videos are still in HD, but the bitrate is lower.

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We sometimes have a masseuse come by the office and it's always a treat because she gives great massages. That said, I wouldn't shed a tear if she got replaced with one of the girls from Slippery Massage. These babes specialize in giving Nuru massages and it's great to watch them work.

For those of you who don't know, a Nuru massage is a kind of erotic massage that has a masseuse using her entire body to give her client a good rubdown. Both the person giving the massage and the person receiving it are completely naked and both have their bodies covered in a slippery gel. On SlipperyMassage, the rubbing and touching always leads to hot sex. Those who give the massages are always women, but both guys and gals receive them.

At this point there are around 80 videos and I say "around" because it's hard to get an exact count. You see, a bunch of scenes are split up into parts, but the parts are presented on the site as if they're their own scene (until you watch them and see that they're continuations of one massage).

What makes it even harder to count is the fact that each scene and each part of a scene is individually named, so you can't even look for similar scene titles to know what parts go together. One way to do it is look at the names of the performers and the preview images. Either way, it's a navigational issue on a a site that's otherwise well designed and easy to browse.

There are scenes with the masseuses meeting up with their clients, massage scenes, sex scenes, shower scenes, videos filmed from alternate angles and behind-the-scenes vids. The flicks can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded as HD MP4s. These are 720p vids with lower bit rates compared to our last visit, so they look good, but they're not as sharp as 1080p ones.

There are 24 photo sets as well that are sharp and high-res. They include behind-the-scenes shots and ones that give you a nice mix of straight and lesbian action. My one issue is that you can't download them in Zip files. It wouldn't be so bad if these were tiny galleries, but a number of them are made up of over 100 photos.

The dates suggest that they post a new video pretty much every day and a new photo set every four days, which is a great update schedule. But hold your horses. You see, the number of photo sets and videos has gone down since our last visit. Now, they've only dropped by four, but it's still concerning. Also, all the photos are dated from 2016, but they used to go back to 2013.

The site has a new design, but looking at the old design I saw all the scenes that are currently available today, but they had older dates on them. They must have just re-dated everything when they refreshed the interface. So, honestly, they might not even be updating at all at this point and are probably just rotating content.

In the end, Slippery Massage definitely has its issues. However, the site has hot content that looks good and enough of it to keep you busy for a little while. Plus, you can check out lots bonus sites as part of the Extreme Movie Pass network, including Porn On Stage and Wild Group Sex, among others.

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