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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When conservative people who are against same-sex marriage try to use the argument that opposites attract I simply bite my tongue. I'm tempted to state that they need only check out the slim, hairless and uncircumcised boys on Uncut BFs to verify that I am very much attracted to males who aren't at all the same as me.

Even if I did say something I'm not sure UncutBFs would be the example I'd use simply because right-wingers tend to believe that older gay men are trying to corrupt our nation's youth. Truth be told, the young men depicted on this site seem to corrupt one another and older dudes don't even make an appearance.

Even though this collection is presented as if it's user-submitted, with homemade flicks shot POV style, the 13 videos have high-def playback. You'll find a link to submit your own content, but homemade sex tapes have come a long way. I was a bit disappointed that there aren't any photos given how small this collection is. 

With such a limited number to choose from you're probably going to watch all of them rather quickly, whether they're solo or show blowjobs and bareback or protected boyfriend sex. But what's most important here is that you can always count on seeing intact foreskin.

I say that, but in actuality this site belongs to network of sites, so you'll often see content from them, like Self Shot BFs, even when you're not looking for it. On the one hand it gives you a good number of additional choices, but still it can be a bit annoying. The easiest thing to do is to filter your view by selecting the sitename link that appears below each video.

Whether you're checking out this site's scenes or the entire network's, you can rate them, save your favorites and leave comments. You'll find keyword tags below the flicks, which is also the case for the loads of extra videos that you can stream here.

I have to say that those additional streaming vids are useful, because this network only has 65 movies in total and even fewer photos. Even so, I'm concerned that you're not really getting your money's worth here. Moreover, it has been over four months since the last update, so the lack of growth is a concern.

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