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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I'm sure that come game day some wives feel that their hubbies are keeping all their loving for their giant flat screens and plasmas. But corny jokes based on outdated gender stereotypes aside, besides HD Love Mobile clearly referring to screens that are generally smaller, it actually refers to porn. We're talking hardcore with high production values that appeal to both ladies and gents.

As my comrade in arms, A.K. points out, the word "love" in the world of porn might translate into softcore erotica. Worse yet, according to some female coworkers, it might mean "porn for women" with watered down hardcore shot through a Vaseline-coated lens. But when it comes to HDLoveMobile, the action includes explicit masturbation, intense lesbian encounters and straight sex, including threesomes. Nothing is dated, but if we assume they update on a set schedule, then you can expect to see something new every 11 or 12 days.

I'll say, though, that the shooting style for each of the 34 videos does involve a certain artistic bent. It's almost like seeing an editorial fashion spread in a very glossy, high-end magazine with thoroughly modern and minimalist tastes turning from sexy haute couture to pure raunchy sex. It's a bit like masturbating to Italian Vogue without relying as much on your imagination. Pardon me please if you can't relate to that last statement.

However, when the woman in your life is a clotheshorse, a dude like me improvises. At least now I'll no longer need to rely on what my girl calls her "fashion bible" and can ogle this site's great-looking streams. I also imagine jerking off to the 34 photo sets hidden between designer dresses and overpriced shoes in my girlfriend's walk-in closet.

There are many scenes that I would choose as my favorites and although there aren't really enough episodes here yet to easily lose track of them, I still find it handy that I can save a favorite when I want. You also have a choice of both clips and full-length versions when you're in a rush to get off before your GF comes back from shopping (although mine is normally gone for hours). I just wish I could navigate to a specific page rather than relying on the "next" or "previous" arrows to move a single page.

You get access to the non-mobile version, HD Love and according to A.K., there you will get some additional scenes from another site as a bonus. As it stands I absolutely love this site's offerings, because like the girls in them, they are truly beautiful. Even so, I wish that HD Love Mobile was a bit bigger, because then I'd be sure to recommend it.

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