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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The people behind Celeb Busters don't go around blasting celebrities with streams of protons like Ghostbusters do to phantoms, but a part of me kind of wishes they did. Still, I am satisfied with what they actually do, which is collect hot vids and pics of our favorite stars, although it turns out that you'll see all the same content on Exposed Teen Celebs.

Pornstars, Hollywood starlets, pop stars and even athletes are featured here. Basically, if you can think of someone famous with a vagina, chances are that she makes an appearance on CelebBusters and ExposedTeenCelebs. You can't see all the ladies naked, but a good number of them do appear wearing very little or nothing at all in at least one video or picture.

The content comes from a wide variety of sources. There are scenes taken from feature films, pictures taken from magazines, pics snapped by the paparazzi, music videos, homemade sex tapes, and fakes put together with a little Photoshop wizardry. In all, it appears as though there are 4,619 short videos and 15,598 sets of pictures. Obviously, that's a lot of content.

All the most recent material is showcased on the homepage. There are different ways to find the content, but going through the celebrity index is probably the best. Unfortunately, new videos haven't been added since May 2014, although it looks like they're still updating with new photos.

Given that the material comes from all over, it isn't surprising to see that it varies in quality. The movies can be streamed in an embedded Flash player and downloaded as QuickTime, MP4 and Windows Media files. You'll probably gravitate toward the Windows Media files because they're the better of the three. However, the vids often offer average-quality playback. As for the pictures, some are high-res. You can view them in slideshows, but downloading them in Zip files isn't an option.

There are seven other sites included with a membership, including Buster Paparazzi, Celeb Latinas and Exposed On Tape. As you can probably tell, these additional sites bring you even more celebrity content. A lot of the content overlaps, so you're not actually getting as much bonus material as it seems.

Celeb Busters has a lot to offer, but its content is all over the place when it comes to quality. This is a common flaw of celebrity sites and it sort of comes with the territory. If you're in the market for a site devoted to famous people, give some thought to joining this one simply because it has so much content.

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