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Updated on: 03/03/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1380
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Since we last visited ExposedOnTape...

  • There are over 300 new videos and 100 more photo sets at this point. The content is now dated and new videos are added daily, but the pictures aren't on a set schedule.
  • It seems as though all the videos have been reformatted and they're now downloadable in MP4s and stream in Flash.
  • Some issues with broken images and blank pages seem to have been cleaned up.

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Whether on TV, in magazines, or on billboards, you pretty much see celebrities wherever you look. But you never get to see them like you do on Exposed On Tape. Bringing you homemade sex tapes, revealing paparazzi snaps and more, this site allows you to view all your favorite starlets at their sexiest.

ExposedOnTape has tweaked its design a number of times and I have to say that some attempts to create a more user-friendly experience have proven more successful than others. On this visit, once again, they've reorganized things a bit and I'm happy to say that everything seems to be in good working order.

There are separate sections for the videos and photos, along with the ability to browse by category or celeb, and a section of sex tapes. They made it so you can sort your view by date and popularity and there's a basic keyword search. You'll also find a section labeled "playlists" that has compilation footage of scenes that are tied together by theme, like "top naked nurses" for instance.

The thumbnails aren't dated, but once you click through, you'll see when the material was added. They appear to be updating with a new video once or even twice a day, but the pics are on a more random schedule. A single image might be posted alongside some footage, or a few days can pass without any new ones.

Last time, the site seemed to have shrunk, but it's a lot bigger again. You'll find 4,746 videos, which is nothing to sneeze at. There hasn't been any decline in the number of pictures and in fact there are quite a few more, with 15,737 galleries at the moment. Just keep in mind that they combine photos with screen caps, but that's standard for a celeb site.

The videos come from a variety of sources. You can check out sex tapes, scenes from movies, clips from television appearances and music videos, and more. You're free to stream them in Flash in an embedded player and you can download MP4s. The flicks are often good in quality, but the newest footage is in HD.

As with the videos, the pictures come from a range of sources. There are selfies never meant for public consumption, glamorous pictorials snapped for magazines, video stills and photos shot by opportunistic members of the paparazzi. The quality is all over the place, but if you're lucky you might uncover some high-res ones.

A membership also gives you bonus sites with even more celebrity content, like on Buster Paparazzi and Exposed Teen Celebs. A lot of the material is shared between the sites, though, so you're not getting quite as much as you think. Some streaming flicks are also on offer.

If you're in the market for a celebrity site, Exposed On Tape is one to consider. After all, it's got a lot of content and just about every famous woman you can think of makes at least one appearance.

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