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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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If you have to look at porn all day, come hell or high water, you may become a bit desensitized to it. At least that's what many people who ask me about my job assume would happen. In the end, they're half-right, because it doesn't bother me to look at smut that really does little for me. But give me a site like Raging Stallion Mobile with rugged masculine men fucking and I'm super-excited.

This collection of hunks, with body and/or facial hair and muscular physiques that are often quite beefy, oftentimes with large, uncut cocks, not to mention quite a few with tattoos and piercings, makes it hard for me to pick a favorite. Even if I could, I wouldn't be able to save that favorite on RagingStallionMobile and that's really how being a porn reviewer makes you a bit jaded. You expect those kind of features.

As I write this there are 1,751 videos and 14 new ones were added in the last 30 days. Thankfully, most of the newest scenes look great and even going back to the oldest ones I found them to look good on the iPod Touch I was using to browse the site.

As far as the navigation goes you will see keyword tags labeling each scene and these also form the basis for some of the categories that you can browse via the category section. Speaking of which, I was a bit surprised to see "bareback" listed as a category and a keyword from this condom-only producer. But then I realized that the results came from Falcon Studios' pre-condom archive.

What's not so great about navigation, though, is that you can only move through the 100+ pages of content by either a single page or five of them. It would be far easier if there were numbered pages throughout.

Adding a photo section seems an easy enough feat when it comes to a mobile site design and when I'm on the go and looking for a bit of titillation, stealing a glance at some of those would be easier than watching a flick. However, there aren't any photos unless you check out the non-mobile version, Raging Stallion, which is accessible with your membership.

Visiting the standard site will also give you access to scheduled live shows. I certainly find the idea of the standard site combined with the mobile one appealing, but that's not what this review is about. Looking at it on its own, though, Raging Stallion Mobile has enough content to merit signing up.

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