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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I don't want to see your family photos, your vacation pics (even if you do look good in your mankini) and I certainly don't want to see any images of a dog or cat that you refer to as if the animal had sprung from your own loins rather than being (however admirably) rescued from a local shelter. If I want to see something furry, I'd much prefer Pantheon Bear Mobile fill your screen with gay porn.

In fact, other than one of those apps that lets you hook up with horny male strangers wherever you go, PantheonBearMobile might be the smartest thing to have on your smartphone. In fact, unlike a hookup app, you won't be playing sexual roulette with it, because it always delivers the beefy and/or muscular hunks you want. It has lots of daddies, including polar bears, as well as some cubs.

The 106 videos cover masturbation (normally these come in standalone vids) and solo and hardcore sex (these are posted as a series of clips). They look average, but their 3GP format is supposed to be compatible with a good number of mobile devices, even ones that aren't so new. It turns out that there is a single vid cap filed in the photo section.

There are definitely some intergenerational hookups with younger hunks and mature daddies, but you're going to see a much larger dose of mature men. You'll see some that they call muscle bears, but you'll also see loads of dudes with more average builds. They tend to have a few extra pounds as you'd expect a hot, hairy bear to have.

You'll find pages of categories to browse and these also reappear listed as keyword tags below each video. Examples include denim, cowboy, tattoos and Prince Albert, but you'll also find some that are based on action, rather than the appearance of the performers, like solo, threesome and orgy. There isn't an advanced search, though, and you can't save your favorites.

It has been over a week since the last update, so all in all, they've added three in the last 30 days. I don't think that you'll see this site's scenes anywhere other than on the non-mobile version of this site that I should mention does not come included with your membership here. In the end, Pantheon Bear Mobile would be easy to recommend if it had better-looking flicks.

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