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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I've always appreciated beautiful people who don't know how attractive they are or who are at least humble about the gift of beauty bestowed upon them. The star of Cody Cummings Mobile doesn't appear to be such a person. He has the cockiness of someone who knows he's got "it" and he likes to flaunt it.

He's a gay-for-pay performer and if you're in any doubt about whether he's really into chicks then perhaps you'll be somewhat more convinced when you see some of the scenes on CodyCummingsMobile that show him having straight sex. Also, you'll soon realize that when he appears with dudes, they service him. He only receives blowjobs and is always the Top.

You'll find 302 videos. The older scenes look average in my opinion, but the ones added since April 2013 look excellent. Now, I only know that date because the site used to date the content. However, that is no longer the case, which would normally make determining an update schedule rather difficult. But in this case, since the amount hasn't changed since our last visit I am going to say that he has stopped updating.

Also, some may be disappointed that there aren't any photos, although you can check some out on the non-mobile version of the site, Cody Cummings, which is included with your membership.

I'm not really sure that I understand putting straight sex on a gay porn site, but I do appreciate at least one of the bisexual scenes. At one point it shows Mr. Cummings bent over with his sweet lips only inches from his own cockhead and a butt plug in his tight ass. He then tells the camera that we shouldn't ever complain that he doesn't push his limits for us.

When it comes to navigation, it kind of sucks that you can't save your favorites and you won't find an advanced search engine. You also can only move through the content one page at a time, rather than having access to individual page numbers. You can, however, browse by loads of categories and you also have keyword tags at the bottom of each video.

As I mentioned, your membership lets you access the standard version of this site and that in turn lets you check out other sites, like Samuel OToole, Rod Daily and Marcus Mojo. (These also have mobile versions.) In the end, Cody Cummings Mobile has enough content and enough of it is high in quality to get it a recommendation.

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