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Updated on: 03/08/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1111
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Since we last visited JodieGasson...

  • The website has a brand new look, but the navigation was affected. You need to filter out Jodie's content in all the sections and adjust them each time you return.
  • There are now more videos and photos to enjoy.
  • The movies being added to the site these days come in a Full HD format.

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In October 2012 Jodie Gasson premiered her website and things have been going fairly strong since then. And I have no doubt that this gorgeous blonde has been making plenty of men and women cum hard in their homes while watching her.

The first thing you should know about JodieGasson's site is that it's now a small part of the Social Glamour mega-site, though it remains as enjoyable as ever. Jodie's content is mixed with material featuring other girls, but you can find it pretty easily by using the advanced search or by going into the different video and photo sections and filtering the content so that only Jodie's appears. Take note that you have to adjust the filters every time you head into a different area.

Jodie's content is all softcore. She goes topless, shows off her beautiful breasts and lets you check out her ass as well, but her pussy is the one item she wants to keep to herself. She always keeps it hidden either with panties or maybe her hand if she's feeling particularly naughty. Just to let you know, there's instrumental music playing over all her movies.

You can check out photos shot by professional photographers, as well as candid pics and some selfies. There are 405 photo sets in all and most contain high-res images. You'll also find 399 videos. In some, Jodie gives her full attention to the camera. In others, you get to look on as she does a photo shoot.

Stream the movies in an embedded player or download them. The older ones come in a Windows Media format and a couple of MP4s, while the newer ones are only available in MP4s, but it doesn't really matter because you get beautiful Full HD playback. When it comes to updates, Jodie has given us six new flicks (three regular movies and three behind-the-scenes ones) and three new photo sets in the last 30 days.

As a member, you can access the videos and photos of all the other stunning women on the network, like Alexa Grace, Anastasia Harris, Lauren Wood and Lucy V. All the sites are softcore and show these lovely ladies posing and stripping for your viewing pleasure. You can also check out a blog and a couple forums.

If you are looking for a softcore/semi-nude model and you're drawn in by Jodie Gasson's beauty, then I have no problem recommending her site. It's quite good and it's only getting better.


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  • Comment by: Simon

    Score: 78% Date: 06/26/2013

    If you are into big natural boobs, then turn your attention to Jodie Gasson.

    - Has a community forum where you can post questions, requests etc. You will get a reply from her almost every time within a day or two.

    - Live Webcam Shows. They always end up with Jodie covering her boobs in oil, which is something you won't forget... EVER!

    - No BS with movies and pics. Galleries can be downloaded in ZIP files and movies have three different qualities, where HD is one of them.

    - The new content for the site is done every 3 or 4 months apart, which means that if you want to see her in stuff you requested, there is a couple of months waiting time.

    - Live Webcam Shows cost extra. About 10$ to 20$ for a show lasting 30 mins.

    - Many of the movies/galleries are very much alike. Besides from the clothes she wears in them.

    If you are truly dedicated to boobs, then you should sign up and try one of the Live Webcam Shows which are usually 10$ to 20$ for a ticket. Lasting 30 mins. With 15 mins. free cam chat before the show, making it 45 mins. in all.