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Updated on: 06/17/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • The website has grown, but it isn't getting any bigger. It last updated back in August 2013.

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We no longer link to this site.

The girls on Wet In Public don't get soaked because they get caught in the rain or anything like that. No, when they get wet, it's simply because they've peed their pants. And they do it right out in the open where anyone can see them! In some cases they do get spotted and it's hilarious to see how bystanders react to hot women drenching their pants with urine.

When you first sign in you immediately get to see all the newest content. Everything is dated and clearly labeled and there are separate sections for the movies, photos and bonus content. You end up with 332 videos and 192 sets of pictures. Both bring you scenarios in which cute girls wet themselves while out in public. Once the gals are soaked, some go somewhere a little more secluded and slip into some dry clothes, while others just continue on their merry way.

The videos are only a few minutes long, but they're enjoyable for what they are. You can stream them in an embedded player and download them in a number of formats, the best of which is an AVI that allows you to enjoy the peeing and public embarrassment in HD. You don't always have the HD downloads at your disposal, so take advantage of them when you do.

The pictures aren't huge and don't always look all that great. I was almost ready to call them vid caps, but then I noticed that there actually are vid caps here as well. They look a lot worse than the real photos, so there's a marked difference. You can view the pics as slideshows and download them in Zip files.

New videos were being posted to the site every five days right up until the end of August 2013, but we haven't gotten any new ones since. It's the same story for the photos, so it looks like the website has stopped updating. Thankfully, you've got a lot of content already and there are all those bonus videos with peeing too.

With high-quality material and lots of it, Wet In Public is worth visiting. If you get off seeing girls pee themselves on city streets and in other public places, I think you'll be able to appreciate everything it has to offer.

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