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Updated on: 05/30/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • It's become clear that the site rotates content and doesn't actually update with new material.

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We no longer link to this site.

The sitename Swing Club Hunters is a little misleading in that the participants know exactly where the swing club is. There's no hunting involved. And it doesn't look like they need to do much hunting for people to fuck once inside the club, either.

I don't know where the club is and the scenes don't really give you any clues. They all take place in the same room with a mattress on the floor surrounded on three sides by leather couches. As to the performers, the poor English on the site implies a country where that language isn't the main tongue, but I didn't really hear any of the swingers talking.

The scenes are all filmed voyeur-style with cameras set up all around the room to catch every angle of the action. You have the option of checking out a video where the angles switch throughout, or you can download just the footage from one of the six cams.

The site's design is simple and so is the navigation, with each page giving you two orgy videos and two "bonus" videos (usually taken in the shower). That makes for 88 scenes. I should also mention that the orgies are often split up into parts, but since each part can have multiple partner changes and sex acts, I counted them as individual scenes.

You can't stream the movies, but you can download them (and the various camera angles) in a couple formats, including a great-quality AVI file and an average-quality Windows Media one. You won't find any photos, just vid caps.

SwingClubHunters is different from many of the swinger/orgy sites out there in that the use of the voyeur cam style makes you feel like a horny fly on the wall at a real swinger party, looking in as the guys and girls suck and lick and fuck and smoke and sit around and talk and enter and leave. They aren't performing for the camera. They're doing it for themselves and you just get to watch.

Some filter and search options would be nice, as would the ability to stream the movies. It would also be nice if the website was actually updating, but all it seems to be doing these days is rotating content. Despite its flaws, you might find it worthwhile to join the site if you're intrigued by its concept.

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