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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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There is a fetish that some men have for being trampled and so that's what I half-expected I might see on Crush Him. I'd mostly only seen gentlemen enjoying trampling from ladies in stilettos, so when I discovered that the twink porn here was actually about wreaking vengeance and breaking hearts, that made a lot more sense. The crushing you see is in the figurative sense.

I must admit that I have slept with an ex's current boyfriend to get back at him. I've also had someone's ex bed me as a kind of revenge even though I wasn't still with their former flame. It's these kinds of scenarios that play out on CrushHim. Of course I didn't capture my misadventures on camera and post them on the Internet as we're led to believe these vengeful dudes have done.

You'll see some masturbation where a guy takes the toothbrush of his ex's new BF and scrubs down the bathroom with it before jerking off on it. I bristle at the thought of the victim first noticing that it tastes funny and then noticing that the head had little bits of hair and dirt stuck to it. This scene teaches you an important lesson: It's probably best not to move in with someone before his old lover is gone.

You'll also find one solo scene along with one blowjob video and three with hardcore sex. In the end the wronged BFs really push the envelope when it comes to giving their boyfriends their comeuppance, because not only do they have sex with someone else, they do it bareback.

It turns out that the five videos were all added in January 2013 and nothing has been added to the site since. On the bright side, all five flicks are offered in Full HD. When it comes to saving them, you a few MP4 and Windows Media formats that you can choose from. Every movie is supposed to come with pictures, but rather than actual photos, they come with only vid caps.

With so little content you may be relieved to find out that you dozen bonus sites, including Tasty Twink, Real Gay Couples and Boy Feast. Still, Crush Him would have to grow before I'd recommend it. I'm just not sure that's going to happen with no updates in over a year.

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