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Updated on: 05/11/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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A lot of sites these days are produced by large companies or even multinational corporations, so I'm always rooting for the little guy. That said I don't cut the small-time producer too much slack when it comes to what I expect from a porn site. That's why I like Cosplay Mate, because although it needs to do some growing, you're not expected to compromise on quality.

The guy behind CosplayMate is based in Montreal, Canada, and all his models are from there. One thing that's a bit tricky about the 31 Full HD videos is that the characters in them are named in rather generic terms. The same is true of the 44 photo galleries and I assume that it's because the site's owner doesn't want to run into issues regarding any trademarked characters. Still, the costumes are authentic-looking enough.

I recognized Harley Quinn and Catwoman villainesses from the Batman series right away. I must admit that I'm not as familiar with some of the anime characters, but one of my coworkers helped me out. For example, what they label here as "Scarlet Samurai" is actually Erza Scarlet from the "Fairy Tale" manga series. From another series called "Bleach" you'll see Yoruichi and they call her "Former Ninja Captain."

Clearly the site's concept is aimed toward those who like cosplay, but I think anyone can enjoy the fact that these babes all get naked. You get to see everything they have to offer and besides exposing their perky breasts and sweet pussies, some of these hotties writhe around and touch their beautiful bits. It's not full-on masturbation, but it's very suggestive.

You'll also spy some duos and even if they don't have sex, they touch one another in ways that will certainly help you imagine them doing far more than the softcore posing they do. You'll also find a bit of info about each girl, which is helpful because the videos don't have any dialogue to mess up your cosplay fantasies, just music.

All in all, Cosplay Mate still isn't a big site, but the quality is impressive and they have grown since our last visit - although not as much as we would've liked to see. Nothing is dated, but I can tell you that in the last two years they've only added 21 videos and 30 photo sets.

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