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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Some guys forget all about breast milk once they start eating real food, but others never lose their taste for the stuff. If you count yourself among this second group, Breast Milk For Men might be the website for you.

According to the site, these ladies are real women who are looking for some extra income so that they can be stay-at-home moms. They shoot and submit their own videos in exchange for money. If you're a lactating mom who'd like to get in on the action, you can do so by clicking the "models wanted" link on the tour and then submitting a form with all the necessary information.

There are already 11 women being paid to produce content and they've given us a grand total of 51 videos. Most of these flicks have the ladies caressing their breasts and squeezing them so that milk shoots out. There are a few that are a bit different, however, like one in which a woman lubes up her man's cock with breast milk and then proceeds to stroke it. The same babe can also be seen drinking her milk and masturbating.

The movies can't be downloaded, so the only way to enjoy them is by streaming them in an average-looking Flash player. I suppose the quality isn't entirely unexpected considering that everyday women are shooting them with iPhones and similar devices. Another unfortunate thing about the streams is that they don't allow you to jump ahead until they've had time to load.

The people behind the website don't seem interested in accepting photo submissions from the lactating women out there, because there isn't a single picture set on the site. The closest thing you get to pics are the thumbnails used to represent the vids.

None of the videos are dated and we aren't given access to any kind of update schedule, but there are some milk stories if you need something to help pass the time. You can also learn a bit about some of the ladies on the "model's page" and get in contact with them.

Breast Milk For Men could do a lot to improve itself, but you might be able to overlook its flaws simply because there aren't all that many sites like it out there. If it's lactating ladies who do it for you, you should give some thought to giving it a chance.

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