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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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If you are walking around with Hot House Mobile in your pocket, then you're definitely carrying some heat. After all, if you know anything about this studio then you know that it brings you some of the hottest gay pornstars in many creative videos. They have the highest production values thanks to world-renowned directors.

The sizable collection on HotHouseMobile is updated once or twice a week. There were at least seven updates in the last 30 days and in fact, you will find more content here than is currently offered on the non-mobile version, Hot House, which you can access with your membership. Another difference is that there aren't any photos on this site, but you can check some out on the standard one.

There are 746 videos. The older videos look average to good in quality, but you'll be pleased to note that the quality has improved for the newer scenes. I find that most of the videos added since February 2013 look great. It's certainly a treat to watch a hairless inked stud get his cock sucked! There are raunchy threesomes too.

Each video comes with a list of keywords and you can also browse categories based on them. Some more interesting categories include self-fisting, self-fuck and self-suck. You'll see smoking fetish videos, bondage, double penetration, gangbangs, interracial sex, daddies and even pissing.

It's quite annoying that you can't save your favorites and there isn't an advanced search, because navigating through the many pages of content is rather cumbersome. You can only move forward or back by one page at a time. It would be much easier if the pages were numbered links, either at the bottom of the page or maybe selectable from a drop-down menu.

There is no denying that the men here are exceptionally attractive with their masculine appeal, muscular bods and juicy rods. I just think that Hot House Mobile would be more appealing if all the videos looked great. Still, most of the time if you really liked a video and wanted to see it in crisper detail then you could always check it out on the non-mobile site. At this point though, I would say that this is a membership worth having.

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