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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I am not just the president of the Boys Club, I am also a member of the Boys Club For Men. Okay neither part of that statement is true, but I couldn't resist the reference to the old "Hair Club For Men" commercials. I'm probably aging myself, because some of you might be too young to even know what I'm talking about. Perhaps that's apropos, because this site is about dirty old men.

Too be fair, they never really say how mature the men on BoysClubForMen are, but I'm guessing that they're at least in their late 40s. They like to have sex with escorts and although that can mean call boys who might charge a lot for their company, they're not above picking a guy up on the street. He might be a working boy or simply a hustler who scrounges for cash however he can.

What they expect from the guy varies depending on how much they're paying. For example, they might just tip a guy at a private club or a pizza deliveryman and in return expect to be sucked off or they suck and rim the stud. There are even scenes with handjobs and mutual masturbation. However, their ultimate goal is bareback sex and they'll pay extra for it.

Nothing is dated, so I don't know how often they're adding new content and you'll currently find only 11 videos. What's really disappointing is that although they advertise HD, they give only average-quality playback.

You'll also find 11 sets of high-res pics that are downloadable in Zip files (only a sampling can be previewed online). They give you a better look at some of the young hunks and also at old Gunther's somewhat unusual cock. His skin is quite light, but his cock is dark brown. They call it "dirty," but clearly it isn't caused by a lack of hygiene.

You don't get any bonus sites, so there's nothing to really flesh out the small amount of content. However, the price is so low that it's hard to pass up. You can join for around $14 and the recurring price is even less. I don't know if it's enough to entice me to stick around too long, but Boys Club For Men might be worth checking out.

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