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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Photographers at professional photo shoots take hundreds, if not thousands, of shots before finally just submitting the best two or three of the bunch. Have you ever wondered what happens to all the other shots? With Sarah White Modeling, you'll find a bunch of those pics compiled here for you and, let me tell you, they do a fine job of showing off how incredibly sexy she is.

SarahWhiteModeling is where Sarah keeps the best of those extra modeling photos to share with us. If her name is giving you déjà vu, then it's possible you've seen her on TV being interviewed by Jay Leno, Jeff Probst and others. That's because she's the inventor of Naked Therapy. For an additional fee, you can even sign up for therapy sessions with her.

If you're thinking that a woman would have to be really hot to be a naked therapist, then I suppose you could consider this site as part of Sarah's credentials. If you want to see her fully nude, you'll have to sign up for her therapy sessions, though, because she never fully reveals herself here. You'll find plenty of side boob and hand-bra sets, but nipples and pussy are never shown.

New content is being added three times a week, which is a good thing because there are only 59 photo sets and no movies. The sets show her posing in various stages of undress and modeling lots of sexy lingerie. Some galleries are outside, some are inside and a few are self-shot pictures. One thing that you might like is that she labels which galleries have photos that were touched up by the photographer and which ones were not.

Considering the emphasis here is obviously on photos, some of you might be disappointed by the size of both the shots and the galleries. You get a fairly decent amount of pics in each set, but it's never anything too impressive, with the average being 60. Meanwhile, the pics are all low-res (1000x667) and can't be saved in Zip folders.

Given these issues, I wouldn't recommend spending your money here unless you instantly fall for Sarah at first sight. Even then, I'm tempted to recommend that you wait for her collection to grow more. Sarah White Modeling does have potential, though, and her blog often has extra galleries for you to enjoy.

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