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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I can still remember the early days of computer graphics and how ridiculously bad they were. We're talking characters with rather square edges that you really needed to squint in order to try to make them look like anything more than a pile of flashing blocks. I never dreamed then that one day a site such as 3D Sex Paradise and its computer-generated beauties would exist.

I'm not sure how often 3DSexParadise is updated, because nothing is dated. I can tell you, though, that when the promo info states "Check out the largest collection of 3D animation porn on the Net!" it's a bit of an exaggeration. Granted many sites that focus on CGI are limited to pictures and don't have any vids.

Then again the 19 average-quality videos here are short and often only last two or three minutes at most. They can be downloaded and streamed in Flash, but you will need to wait for the streams to preload before you can skip ahead in the footage.

You will see sexy babes do some rather suggestive little dances that subtly jiggle all of their naughty bits, including their pert tits and asses. They have cute faces too with huge eyes like hentai girls. A few blowjobs go down, including one performed on a bound shemale. You'll also see some of the ol' bump and grind as there's fucking, including strapon sex.

You can also check out 20 sets of high-res pics and if I made it sound as if there's only solo babes in the nude then let me assure you that there is more to see here. You will see blowjobs and hardcore sex, including some racy threesomes. Ironically, although they've given the girls some nearly mythic proportions, they made the men look like quite the everyday Joes.

You don't get access to any additional sites, but you can download some games and they claim that these are worth some considerable money if you buy them separately. I am not sure whether that is true or not, but membership is quite competitively priced, so it might be worth checking out for at least a brief while.

I can't really recommend joining this site for a longer period of time as it stands because I don't know how often the collection is growing. I even hesitate to suggest joining for a short time, because there's really not much content here. Still, 3D sex Paradise does bring you some hot animated action even if there's not much of it.

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