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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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This isn't a take on Abba's "Dancing Queen" nor does the site star hairy gay guys. The real purpose behind Dancing Bear Mobile is much more fun. It's one of those sites where a ton of women get together to cheer on male strippers, only there's more of a twist to this one.

DancingBearMobile is the handheld equivalent of the desktop site Dancing Bear. If you're not familiar with the latter, then let me tell you all about it. You know those giant masks worn by mascots at theme parks and sports games? Take a bear one, put it on a male stripper's head and watch dozens of hotties go nuts over his abs, cock and ass.

These chicks all break the "no touching" rule associated with pretty much every strip club. Watch as one gal after another not only steal a feel of his abs, but also jerk his cock, give him a blowjob and yank his crank until he cums all over them. Some of the babes even take their own clothes off and make him fuck them.

These are not small orgies, either. In the 96 movies, there are anywhere from 20 to well over 100 chicks clapping to the drumbeat of the background music while the "bear" dances in the buff. Many parties even have multiple male strippers, but the chicks having the most fun are those who get to play with the bear mask.

Each video is an HD file taken from the desktop version, so most movies are too big to play properly on older Apple products like my first-gen iPod Touch. However, the ones that do work on all devices look great and the larger files are even more impressive when viewed on a newer mobile device that can handle them.

The navigation is not what it could be. There are just 10 scenes listed one after another on each page, but you can only advance by using "next" and "previous" buttons, so it's a pain to navigate. You have buttons at the top that filter by highest rated and latest scene, but this sorts the entire network's worth of content instead of just this site. Searching using the model index gets you results from her scenes across the network.

Yes, I repeatedly said the word "network." That's because you can access the entire Bangbros Network Mobile site, which lets you view the same content found on more than 40 desktop sites. Another bonus includes being able to access the desktop version of this site, which you will want to take advantage of because the mobile version doesn't offer any photos.

Another reason you'll be glad to have those extras is the fact that updates are only once a month. Each vid is really long, though, so they're worth the wait. Dancing Bear Mobile is really worth checking out despite its several flaws.

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