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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I don't mean this statement to come across as me boasting, but when I was 19 I definitely looked like a man. So much so that when I was cutting loose with friends I'm sure some uptight witnesses wondered why someone in his late 20s was acting so immature. I never had the youth the models on All Boys 19 exude. Maybe that's why I love seeing them so much.

I've always admired a slender body, maybe because I've had to struggle and sometimes failed at maintaining one of my own. The hunks on AllBoys19 have those lithe frames that many folks are blessed with when they're young. They also have hairless torsos, so you get to see every fatless inch of them.

They tend to have boyish faces even if you normally can't describe their cheeks as being full. There's just a certain cuteness to them even if some seem hard-pressed to give us a smile. I'm sure they've been coached to try to look sexy by brooding a bit like rebels without a cause.

It worked because I found myself imagining wiping away those smug pouts in a rather lustful way. Although I must say that in some of the 37 great-quality videos they manage to appear broody all the way through sex. I think some of these guys are only gay-for-pay.

You can stream the vids as well, but not where you download them. Instead, when you first sign in you'll see an embedded Flash player on the homepage. The videos are listed filmstrip-style below the window in which they play and are labeled with a number instead of a title like they are in the downloadable section.

You can also check out 58 sets of high-res pics and download them in Zip files. Here is where you'll see the most smiling, although it may merely be a Mona Lisa-like smirk rather than a full-on toothy grin. Some even let loose to enjoy their bareback bum fun.

There are no bonus sites, but you get additional gay hardcore vids and solo pics. There's also an additional section of short money shots. The video collection has been updated about eight times in the last 30 days (counting complete movies, not just clips). It just needs to keep growing at its current pace and All Boys 19 will soon be big enough to join.

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