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Updated on: 06/16/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • The site hasn't grown since 2013, but it is a bit bigger.

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Some folks really don't know how to get laid and eliminate opportunities before they even happen. For example, dudes who fixate too much on the opposite sex. You know, guys who refer to a party with not enough chicks as a sausage fest. But there are also guys who don't place any limits on their sexuality and the World Of Bi is their oyster!

To be fair it's not just men who can be close-minded. There are women who wouldn't want to participate if they thought they weren't going to be the main (or only) attraction. That's what's great about WorldOfBi. You'll see babes who stumble upon two horny studs fooling around and their reaction is to not only watch, but also join in on the action.

Updates are weekly and so far you'll find 60 videos split almost evenly between American and South American productions. I'm not sure if scenes from the Western Hemisphere merit a site being called "World Of" anything, but a more important point to make is that despite their bit rates, the movies don't look so great at times.

Even so, I do appreciate the MMF threesomes. One thing that's important to me (and is sometimes lacking in bisexual porn) is that the girl in the trio is hot. And in these manwiches the girls are always gorgeous! But I'm a bit disappointed, because there's no anal sex. In fact there's no penetration at all. It's all blowjobs and muff-diving.

You can also check out 60 photo galleries and they turn out to have high-res pics if you download their Zip files. If you view them online in the embedded display they appear much smaller. They include some solo posing that you won't see in the videos, sometimes of the woman alone and other times with the whole trio of performers.

Even though it's not very clear from the outset, what you're really getting here is a mega-site. Granted there are only two sites in the network: South American Bi and American Bi. As I explained, the scenes are divided almost evenly between the two. When you sign in, it's all displayed together, but you can switch to viewing just one site or the other.

Clearly this collection isn't really at the size where you would need a lot of bells and whistles to keep track of everything, but it would still be convenient if you could save your favorites or use tags. You also can't rate the content or post comments, so that doesn't do much in the way of creating a sense of community.

Updates ended back in 2013, so whatever potential this site once held has been put to rest for good. All in all, World Of Bi would be more appealing if the videos looked as great as their stats suggested. It would also be nice if the performers actually fucked.

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