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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Severe Society Films is a production company that's known for its kinky fetish videos. You can take their movies on the go with you by filling a knapsack with their DVDs, or you can spare your back some pain and accomplish the exact same thing by joining Severe Society Films Mobile.

When you sign in, you immediately get presented with links to a number of videos. More can be found by working your way through several pages of content. There are only 33 videos, though it does look like there are a whole lot more than that at first glance. This is due to the fact that many of the flicks are broken up into parts.

The clips that go together aren't always shown together when you view them in the default setting, but there is a way to make browsing a little easier. If you click on the "see all" tab, you get taken to a page where you can arrange to "browse by movie." When you search that way, the clips that go together appear together, as they should.

Clicking on the aforementioned "see all" tab also reveals a link that you can seemingly follow to "see photo galleries." Unfortunately, the link takes you to a blank page, so there aren't any pictures at this time. That's disappointing, but the site is called SevereSocietyFilmsMobile, not Severe Society Photos And Films Mobile, so I suppose you can't complain too much.

There's a lot of BDSM to be seen and it's often men who end up on the wrong side of the punishment. I did see a number of babes go through some unpleasant stuff too, though, so know that both sexes have a rough time here. I witnessed spanking, ball kicking, guys being pegged with strapons, bondage, tickle torture, facesitting, sissification, forced bi action and a whole lot more.

The movies come in a good-looking 3GP format and you'll be glad to know that they load pretty quickly. You'll also be happy to hear that you can jump ahead to whatever point you want in the flicks at any time. A nice thing is that all vids come with links that you can follow to reach other videos that have similar themes.

None of the content is dated, so I can only assume that the website is adding new porn. I certainly hope it is, because it could definitely stand to offer more than it does. I should also note that there aren't any extras to keep busy with while you wait for new material.

No, Severe Society Films Mobile isn't a very big website, but it is one with hot content. It's also a site that's very affordable. Given that it has a few things going for it, you might want to give it a quick look and then decide whether to stick around or not once you figure out how often it's updating.

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