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Wow Girls Video


Wow Girls bills itself as "the future of porn." And I have to say that if this is porn in the future then I am even happier that the Mayans were wrong about the ending of the world.

I was very happy to see that the girls on WowGirls actually did make me say "wow" a few times. They are true beauties and to see it for yourself all you have to do is head on over to the tour and surf around. If you aren't at least thinking "wow" then I guess we just have different tastes. And it isn't just the girls who will bring out the "wow!" The content itself is also wow-worthy.

There are 336 videos and each one is as beautifully filmed as the next. They are well-lit, in focus and gentle, and there are some nice shots that zoom right in on the good stuff. It is all part of how the producers are trying to make HD flicks worthy of the girls they are filming. You can stream the movies or download them and there are clips as well as full-length flicks.

The material is a mix of solo, lesbian and straight hardcore sex, so all the basics are covered. Just browse the sections and click on a thumbnail to see more. You can also save your favorites, leave comments and read those left by other members. You actually have two rating options, "beautiful" and "made me cum!" I thought that was cool, kind of like you were rating the chick and the sex separately.

There are also 576 sets of pictures and they, like the videos, cover solo, lesbian and straight banging. The sets are filled with gorgeous high-res images and they can all be downloaded in Zip files.

The site is updating daily, but sometimes the update is a video and other times it's a photo set. In general they look to be alternating day by day, so you are getting a new movie pretty much every couple of days.

When you first sign up, you get a gold membership that gets you access to one bonus site, Wow Porn. After 90 days, you'll be able to access seven others. Free live cam shows with these teen cuties (plus archives) is another extra.

You wanted girls and porn with a wow factor and, well, that is what Wow Girls is working at being. With high quality, frequent updates and hot sex and performers, I think they are doing a good job of it here.

Number of Reviews: 1422
Average Score: 64.2

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User Rating: 88/100 (Latest 30 of 34 comments)
  • Comment by: rangoter - Score: 99/100 - Date: 8/25/2014
    well best quality if ever seen.... they really to come away from the standard porn....
  • Comment by: Van Geras - Score: 100/100 - Date: 7/24/2014
    Wow, I missed that site. Amazing film quality and adorable girls. Highly recommended
  • Comment by: Hedonist - Score: 99/100 - Date: 7/15/2014
    Absolutely amazing website which is getting better and better! Girls are adorable. Film quality is second to none!
  • Comment by: Assobsessed - Score: 90/100 - Date: 6/23/2014
    Good site beautiful girls, needs more daily updates to keep interest in a ongoing subscription.
  • Comment by: German Joe - Score: 1/100 - Date: 2/21/2014
    The price you show at WOW GIRLS is US$29.97 for 30days but when you are from Europe the price shown is 34.95 Euro that means about 47.000 US$. This is really unreasonable.
  • Comment by: IIdarksoulsII - Score: 80/100 - Date: 2/13/2014
    + really a very good, top notch video and picture quality
    + very beautiful mostly Eastern Europe girls
    + modern site layout
    + frequently web cam shows
    + photos have a very good visual style, top outfit and settings
    + got questions in comments answered pretty fast

    - no forum for suggestions, meanings etc.
    - pretty expensive if you want Diamond level for all 3 sites
    - a lot of the new picture sets and videos are very "artsy", very similar to metart

    I would recommend this site to women and guys who prefer an erotic style of content. Although there is quite a lot of explicit content it is mostly the older sets @ 18onlygirls. The new content is much less explicit.
    This site would be "Number One" for me, if the current girls would show more.
  • Comment by: Ivy - Score: 97/100 - Date: 12/14/2013
    That is one fine site. Technically done very beautiful but of course we love it because of the films and they are truly great. I am enjoying the site with my girlfriend and the quality and beauty of the girls is outstanding. We recommend it, probably one of the best site these days.
  • Comment by: RKnight - Score: 96/100 - Date: 12/12/2013
    I joined it and wow, amazing girls but the quality of films is something that makes miracle here. I also like the interface, very cool and easy to use. Also nice is couple of live shows per day I guess come as a bonus. Lovely site, I wish I could find it before!
  • Comment by: MikeV - Score: 5/100 - Date: 11/30/2013
    Two days and two service tickets and still not able to login to the site. I called CCBILL who explained to me "it's the holidays," really? I thought it was the internet and that U.S. holidays did not require a cessation of business. OneTouchService handles the trouble tickets and they are useless, 2 days in and they haven't even looked at the 2 tickets I submitted.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/02/2013): Thanks for the comment, MikeV. I have sent you an email.
  • Comment by: Tobi - Score: 75/100 - Date: 11/28/2013
    Love the site, great movies, and the girls are just top notch. I do have a major gripe however. My budget is getting a Little tight, so I want to cancel my subscription to with the intention of returning later... Except I can't cancel! I have looked under support, and there it says that you can cancel your subscription from My Account, but I can't. I can see my subscription status, but an option to change or cancel it is nowhere to be found. I have scoured both Wowgirls AND but no luck. This is a rather annoying tarnish on an otherwise great site.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/29/2013): Hi, Tobi. I sent you an email. Whenever you're unable to properly cancel a membership through a site, go to the customer service of the biller you used when joining. They will have their own online cancellation form.
  • Comment by: TK - Score: 25/100 - Date: 11/17/2013
    What the hell! Yeah looks like a great site, but just signed up for a month then tried to download some anal content and was told I needed to upgrade to diamond, the fee $77.81 (AUD). I don't care how great the content is that is an absolute ripoff, especially considering the hidden nature of the extra fees. Also server seems super slow, can't get better than 50Kb a sec.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/18/2013): Thanks for the comment, TK. You didn't leave an email, so we couldn't contact you. We're looking into your comment and will confirm the membership options.
  • Comment by: Lars81 - Score: 98/100 - Date: 10/6/2013
    How pity I didnt find this site before, it should be ranked way higher way way higher. One of the best of the best sites, with amazing girls, great quality, free live chats with wow girls etc. Daily entertainer! Lovely!
  • Comment by: Night Bird - Score: 90/100 - Date: 9/17/2013
    One of the very best sites. Very beautiful girls. Good genre mix.
  • Comment by: Robin - Score: 100/100 - Date: 9/3/2013
    Absolutely stunning website with hottest beauties ever, I was shocked when I first time logged in, all the videos in Full HD quality, plenty of girls, free live shows, outstanding quality of photo sets, with other words must have! Mates!
  • Comment by: AddictiveBeauty - Score: 95/100 - Date: 8/15/2013
    I joined this site after I read this comment (thanks):

    When you ask not to put 100 as there is no thing as a perfect site but it seems like there is an exception to your rule here :)

    In short, the most beautiful girls I ever saw online, the highest quality videos I ever saw online and the most thrilling is the free live shows with the same top models. So after watching the films you can really talk live to the same girl and it cost nothing. Exceptionally WOW!
  • Comment by: Matter - Score: 99/100 - Date: 8/5/2013
    Hot site. Very addictive. You will want to come back everyday. I have no idea where they get such sheer beauty which agrees to film in porn. its like top fashion models go hardore.
  • Comment by: igregory - Score: 95/100 - Date: 8/5/2013
    I am a member for 3 months. Got upgraded recently to diamond level and got lots of other sites in bonus for free. Dont plan to cancel, lots of great new content everyday.


    Very good value! Two new scenes everyday pictures are great but films are truly amazing. I never saw anything close to it. Lots of interaction with girls. My favorite girl is Anjelica and I spoke with her live on wowgirls webcam channel which was just awesome really and didnt cost anything extra. The best value around!


    Not much really, everything works great. Thank you!
  • Comment by: Milan - Score: 98/100 - Date: 7/31/2013
    Just joined few days ago- awesome site!

    Pros: Film quality never seen before, navigation is super smart, great live show and for free, very beautiful girls, lots of variations and lots of hardcore scenes, exclusive content, two updates a day, bonus site wowpon which is more hardcore with the same beautiful girls.

    Pros: Missing bio of models, would be nice to know a bit more about them.
  • Comment by: swamp - Score: 85/100 - Date: 7/29/2013
    Pros: Excellent navigation, easy downloads, great pics and videos, gorgeous girls. Much new material from eastern European stars.

    Cons: Huge spam in my email once I signed up and canceled the recurring membership. Its trickled down after a couple of months but there were hundreds of emails a day for a while.
  • Comment by: Viper - Score: 95/100 - Date: 7/27/2013
    I am a member of this site for two weeks and I became a big fan of these guys.. There is something outstanding here in terms of girls, film quality and super interaction with girls. Thank you!
  • Comment by: Sam - Score: 98/100 - Date: 7/13/2013
    I like how they put efforts for very little details. Truly amazing experience for adult site. Never was so high watching porn. Keep it up!!
  • Comment by: ricardo - Score: 97/100 - Date: 7/13/2013
    What Axel said! I quit other sites for this network.
  • Comment by: Axel - Score: 97/100 - Date: 7/11/2013
    I recommend this site. You get one bonus site for free(wowporn).
    The girls are beautiful, young and their bodies are breathtaking. Almost all girls are slender. The content is unique, well lit and the actresses act far more believable than in low class productions.
    The time I signed up 320 videos (HD), 450 recorded live shows (SD) and 600 picture sets (HD) were available. There is absolutely no download limit. I used Firefox + DownloadThemAll Addon for downloading at 9MB/sec (2 files at a time), worked great. You can upgrade your account to access extra sites (f.e. YoungLegalPorn, 18onlyGirls or Ivana), if you like.
    Summary: Worth it. I would sign up again.
  • Comment by: chris286 - Score: 96/100 - Date: 7/10/2013
    I want to meet your girls. They are angels, the best. Thanks for giving us webcams with them.
  • Comment by: deepriger - Score: 97/100 - Date: 6/28/2013
    Impressive tour page leads you to amazing member experience. Beautiful girls filmed in amazing quality. Member area is the best I saw so far. Lots of cool features yet very simple and fun to browse. The exceptional feature is live shows where you can talk to the model you saw on films and there are no hidden costs there. I will stay there for a while.
  • Comment by: James - Score: 99/100 - Date: 6/21/2013
    Best Best Best! Top quality video, nothing matched so far. Love the perfect selection of girls and I talked to Anjelica live, WOW! Like the live feature and it is free. Thank you guys, keep it up!
  • Comment by: Darkman - Score: 100/100 - Date: 5/30/2013
    When you ask not to put 100 as there is no thing as a perfect site but it seems like there is an exception to your rule here :)

    In short, the most beautiful girls I ever saw online, the highest quality videos I ever saw online and the most thrilling is the free live shows with the same top models. So after watching the films you can really talk live to the same girl and it cost nothing. Exceptionally WOW!
  • Comment by: DjMax - Score: 99/100 - Date: 4/13/2013
    I highly recommend this site. No idea why it is ranked so low here. I have never seen better content
  • Comment by: StashyK - Score: 99/100 - Date: 4/3/2013
    Thank you for this site! Best so far!
  • Comment by: Van Huur - Score: 98/100 - Date: 3/23/2013
    So far, this is the most exciting site I ever joined. Both girls and camera work are amazing. Keep the work up!

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$29.97/30 days
$99.97/150 days
Cross Sales: No
Pic sets: 576+ Pics per set: 150 Zip sets: Yes
Pic Res: 3000x2000 High Res: Yes
Number of movies: 336+ HD Porn: Yes Streaming: Yes
Average Length: 22 mins Full length videos: Yes Download Limits: No
Video Formats: MP4 (1920x1080; 5250k; streaming)
MP4 (1920x1080; 5250k)
Windows (1920x1080; 7825k)
Preview members area
Independent Biller(s): CCBill
Customer Service:

Pros & Cons
pros -high-def videos
-frequent updates
-bonus site and live cams
cons -no advanced search
-no sorting options
-some nonexclusive content
Main Category: 18-23 Porn
Updated on: 12/29/2013 12/29/2013- From 77 to 78: More content. -April
- Initial review: 1/21/2013
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