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Updated on: 02/11/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • The flicks being posted nowadays no longer come in a Windows Media format. Instead, they're made available to you in a few MP4s, including a Full HD one.

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Do you ever wonder why girls take so long in the bathroom? If so, you might be able to find the answers you seek by visiting Czech Toilets. The site uses hidden cameras to show you exactly what happens when women disappear into the ladies' room.

CzechToilets has been around since December 2012. It's been growing since then and there are now 134 videos. It's been posting a new flick every seven days as of late, though it can sometimes go a few weeks without providing you with new footage.

Unlike some girls I know, the Czech cuties here don't take very long in the bathroom. That's great for the people waiting for them outside, but it isn't so great for the rest of us. They step into a stall, pull down their pants, pee, wipe, pull their pants back up, flush the toilet and leave. There are some longer scenes where a chick pulls a guy in with her for a quickie, but they're rare.

Despite being brief, the movies are interesting, as the girls are filmed by three different cameras. There's one that provides you with an overhead shot, another that gives you a low-angle shot and there's even one that records from right inside the toilet bowl, delivering close-ups of pussies and great shots of warm streams of piss.

The videos can be streamed in an embedded player and you can save them as well. Many come in both a Windows Media format and an MP4 one, but the newer vids only come in a few MP4s, including one that lets you see girls use the washroom in Full HD. There aren't any photo sets, but that's hardly surprising given the nature of the site. There aren't any sets of vid caps either.

With the videos being as brief as they are, it won't take you very long to go through them all, so it's a good thing there are some bonus sites for you to check out. They're all part of the Czech AV network. They aren't all huge, but ones like Czech Casting and Czech Mega Swingers will keep you pretty busy.

Czech Toilets has high-quality content that will appeal to pee lovers as well as voyeurs, but there's no getting around the fact that most of the movies are really short.

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