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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I'll admit it. I am scared of invasions. But only the alien kind. As for Brutal Invasion, that is totally something I could get behind - and by "behind" I mean a girl doggy-style. Using the term "brutal" in a sitename can bring up many different ideas in people, so I figured the best place to start would be with a discussion of what the site means by "brutal."

I watched a bunch of the scenes on BrutalInvasion and what I was able to gather is that it just means rough. The babes get fucked in their pussies, their asses and their mouths and the guys definitely aren't gentle. But don't take my word for it - take the word of the Russian chicks with the gaping assholes and the drool and mascara running down their pretty faces.

Each scene features one hot chick and at least one dude, with many giving the babes two or more cocks to be brutally invaded by. In the scene I am currently watching, there is a blonde hottie on her knees with five guys surrounding her, jerking off and taking turns face-banging her. Eventually they all shoot their loads onto her face and chest.

Now is the part where I tell you that there are only 11 episodes and that there hasn't been anything new in at least six months. Nothing is dated, so it might be even longer than that. At any rate, the size of the site and lack of growth is definitely a bummer.

Each episode comes with a set of high-res images, but no Zip files, and a video that can be downloaded in clips or streamed and downloaded in a full-length Windows Media format with high-def playback. Two of the flicks also offer a few downloadable MP4 options, the best of which also comes in HD.

Yes, there are bonuses. Your membership includes access to over 45 sites, including the 18 others that make up the rest of the Teen Core Club network. These include the likes of Try Teens and Teen Anal Casting. I quite enjoyed what I saw on Brutal Invasion, but, as you can imagine, with so few episodes, I can't recommend the site.

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  • Comment by: Kevin

    Score: 75% Date: 01/24/2013

    This site is just college girls getting fucked roughly although the name brutal invasion might make you think of something more extreme. This site has about 10 quality photo sets and matching videos. One set was added yesterday so it appears that this site still gets updates unlike most of its sister sites.

    There are no zip files but you can use the Download Them All FireFox plugin to batch download stuff.

    On its own this site would only be worth a one-time fee $5-10 but it is bundled with approx 42 good bonus sites which makes it worthwhile.

    TIP: You can join either (or a sister site) or (or a sister site) to get access to and 42+ other bonus sites, you'll get access to more bonus sites if you do this.

    When you join you get access to 43 other sites, many which are high quality: WhiteTeensBlackCocks, HardcoreYouth, We Need New Talents, Teens Go Porn, TeenCoreZine, Analyzedgirls, LittleHellcat, SheGotsix, Defiled18, BrutalInvasion, CleanMyAss, Seductive18 (some which are great, others which are niche). *Note if you join through the bonus sites will differ slightly from this list.

    and 30 sites from the Jerk-Off Pass network (some old, some small but a lot off good content there)

    TIP: bonus site navigation is confusing, when you first view the bonus sites you think you've been ripped off since you only see two sets to the site you were given "Full Access" too, but you do have full access: just look for the link at the bottom of each site that says something like "view all girls" and click it to see all of the content from the bonus site.