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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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I love British television and cinema, because for one thing I find that the actors often look like everyday folks. Teeth aren't bleached until their blindingly white and people's physiques, even when they're fit, don't look like they're ridiculously obsessed by diet and exercise. That's why I like Lads Next Door, because these strapping British boys look naturally healthy and hot.

Not everyone on LadsNextDoor is completely inexperienced at being in front of the camera, because some of these chaps have appeared on other amateur sites. Granted I can't be sure if it was before or after appearing here. At any rate, with many models who have manual labor jobs and who like doing lots of sports, you've got hot bodies toned from hard work and play. There are a few beefy bodybuilders too.

Some of the twinks and jocks claim to be straight, but you'll also see gay and bi (or at least bi-curious) guys too. For example, you'll see a bisexual Welsh muscleman who has already done a bit of adult work whose rather understanding wife doesn't mind that he fucks a slender twink. I wonder if she knows about the rumored second round of action that happened after the camera stopped rolling.

There have been five video updates in the last 30 days and you'll find 98 videos so far. They can be downloaded as MP4s and also as Windows Media files. You can stream them in a Flash player as well. You can expect great-quality playback across the board from the best of viewing options. Most vids come in a full-length file, but a few longer ones come in a couple of clips.

The site also offers 25 photo galleries. They come with images that are crisp and clear. They aren't as large as they could be, but they're still worth saving. Downloading the galleries is easy, because you can grab entire picture sets in Zip files. The photos generally correspond to one of the videos, but pics may go online weeks before the flicks are posted. They're kind of like little teasers to whet your appetite for what's to come.

There aren't any bonus sites. There is a blog, though, with interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits and sometimes a preview of what's to come. For example, a forum is supposed to be added and that, in addition to the ability to rate scenes, will allow members to provide further feedback.

I like to support small indie sites, because I find that they tend to bring fresh talent to your screen while demonstrating more heart and passion in their productions. So I'm happy that I find it easy to recommend Lads Next Door, although it will be even more appealing as it continues to grow. It helps that the cost to join is quite competitive and the recurring price is even lower.

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