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Updated on: 07/18/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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  • There are almost 1,000 more videos and they continue to update with a bunch of videos every month.

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Have you always wanted to experience black spring break? Well, you wouldn't know it from the sitename, but that is exactly what the focus is on this site. Forget those Caucasian party girls, because Spring Break Video focuses on the joy of ebony babes.

Before I get to the girls I must mention a design pet peeve of mine that SpringBreakVideo is guilty of. I hate it when a site, once you have signed in, keeps the "sign up" links visible on the page. Not only is this just plain annoying and a little confusing, it could also lead to you to click back to the signup page for no reason. Also, the site has a pretty dated look that they could really stand to change.

With that out of the way I can now talk about all the amateur, partying black babes you will see on the site. The content is split up into seven sections: raw and wild, beach buns, in da club, street day, street night, dymes only, and bikes and whips.

Except for the "raw and wild" collection, you aren't going to see much, if any, full nudity ("beach buns" has some bare-breast action). For the most part the videos are of chicks in very skimpy outfits (short skirts, booty shorts, thongs, bikinis, etc). And while this may be "voyeur" content, this isn't sneaky voyeurism.

The chicks are well aware of the camera (and the many other cameras and cell phones) around them and are anything but shy. Head over to the tour page and check out the preview vids to get a good idea of how the content plays out in the members' area.

There are 1,179 excellent-quality videos available at this point and they tend to average eight minutes in length. Although sometimes that time is taken up by just repeating a clip in slow motion. But, hey, if you think you can film something better they are always looking for good footage and they are willing to pay. Each comes with some vid caps.

The collection is dated and they are updating on the 15th of every month. Yes, that is only once a month, but they often add a whole load of vids each time (over 20 on the last update).

I have seen lots of these spring-break-type sites, but I have never seen one solely focused on ebony chicks. If that idea appeals to you, then this large Spring Break Video site could be worth checking out.

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