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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When I see the sitename Armpit Girls, the first thing that springs to mind are hippy chicks who don't shave their underarms. And if you're thinking the same, then I must congratulate you on being wrong right alongside me. The pits here may have a tiny bit of stubble from time to time, but they are far from hairy. It's more about the shape and the pheromone-rich odor of female sweat.

I haven't come across a site like ArmpitGirls before, but I've seen kinky sites "tickling" the surface of this fetish. I should also explain that you're still going to see plenty of what would be deemed mainstream action, but it's just that during all the various sexual positions that unfold, the women hold one or both arms behind their heads to show off that underarm flesh.

In fact in some of the 169 videos I almost feel sorry for the babes, because their arms must get a bit tired. I mean, there are some group-sex scenes where they get plowed gangbang-style by a line of guys and they keep those pits exposed the whole time. I also would be too ticklish to have mine licked like theirs often are. I personally have no clue what a cumshot up there feels like.

There is no streaming option, but you have two choices when it comes to downloading. You can go with MP4s that are average in quality at best, but I would probably opt for the Windows Media files. The newer WMVs offer good-quality playback, although older ones are only average in quality.

You can also check out 110 photo galleries, but you can't view them online, you have to download them in Zip files. Still, I think that you'll be happy with the high-res pics you'll find once you've unzipped them. Each one is labeled (like the vids) with a large enough thumbnail that should give you some idea as to whether you'll be seeing masturbation or raunchy sex.

You get some extra vids dedicated to other kinds of kinky smut, like Femdom scenes involving CBT, CFNM, trampling and foot worship. Some of these also have some armpit action at some point. The membership here is reasonably priced and the montly rebill is even more competitive. Overall, Armpit Girls is easy to recommend and not just because of its unique content.

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