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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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When I make love to a woman, I prefer it to be in high-definition. I want my experience to be as true to life as possible and I prefer my porn to be the same. However, just 'cause a site slaps an "HD" symbol on their content doesn't automatically make it a winner. So where does HD Love stand?

Well, I will start off by saying that they ain't kidding about the HD. The movies look great streaming on the site and downloading them filled my entire screen and they looked really sharp. They also couple the Full HD playback with high-quality camerawork (angles, framing, focus, etc.).

Now, I know in the porn world that when the word "love" is used it often means you're in for something softcore and erotic. However, while the site bills itself as the "world's highest quality erotica" the collection is definitely hardcore!

For example, one scene starring the busty Whitney starts off with her reading in nothing but lingerie, but almost as soon as the video begins, her man walks in and makes out with her before sucking on her big tits and going down on her. She returns the favor with a blowjob and then they start fucking.

Lesbian scenes, threesomes, straight screwing and BJs - it's all here and it looks awesome (as do the chicks). However, although the collection has grown to a more substantial size given that you'll now find 56 videos (each comes with a set of high-res pics), updates are inconsistent.

For a while they had been added a new scene about once a month, but now it has been nearly two months since the last one was added. On the plus side, the videos average 30 minutes and the large set of photos that comes with each can be downloaded in a Zip file.

You also get a few hundred bonus videos, which is actually just limited access to Muffia, so that adds some value to your membership even if it's not reason enough to join. Nevertheless, at this point, HD Love is big enough to merit a visit even without worrying about bonuses.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Josh Reilly

    Score: 40% Date: 07/05/2014

    Although the Site has some beautiful girls and some exotic erotic scenes, I only counted 34 updates over 17 months! This is why it gets a low score from me. For the price and comparable to other glossy HD Websites you should at least get an update every 2 or 3 days!

  • Comment by: Brunettesarehot

    Score: 75% Date: 09/24/2013

    I joined this site a month ago today. I cancelled my account because I normally do not stay a member of a porn site long, regardless if I like it or not.

    Pros: Gorgeous women, HD videos, photo sets are great.

    Cons: Limited content. There's about 8-9 pages but then again, there is a bonus section of additional content from other RK owned sites. Bad thing is, alot of that content is older and much of it is not there anymore. The artsy feel is lame. The whole I'm in love deal with these videos sucks. The babes are babes, yes, but it's like every video has the same formula almost. Lame again. Not worth the money they charge. I keep getting emails from RK saying that this is a brand new site, join it! But it's NOT brand new, idiots.

  • Comment by: Wild Billy

    Score: 50% Date: 06/15/2013

    Pro: Beautiful women.

    Con: All the videos are shot in a gauzy, romantic style. Got bored quickly.

  • Comment by: Viper99

    Score: 83% Date: 05/23/2013

    -Beautiful women, seems like more 'real' girls/women than alot of sites and some fresh faces.
    -Excellent lighting, filming, camera angles, etc, especially if you like close-ups
    -Good variety of positions, settings, pop locations, etc
    -Hard core sex, but more erotic and passionate than most of the hardcore wham/bam pounding sex sites.

    -Smaller than average current selection of content
    -Updates are less frequent then I'd like

    Worth joining for 1 month, will probably wait to try it again after it grows.

  • Comment by: dave

    Score: 60% Date: 02/15/2013

    I agree with what everyone else has said. Absolutely outstanding content, but a month after the last review, they're still only updating every two weeks. Most sites that charge what they're charging update three times a week or more. Still not worth it.

  • Comment by: pwj1357

    Score: 75% Date: 01/13/2013

    Scenes are mega sexy and erotic with fabtastic quality. However, the site will lose out to other HD sites if they don't put more and regular updates which would be a shame ..