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Updated on: 12/17/2014

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1376
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Since we last visited DominantTVs...

  • There's a little more content, but with the continued slow updating, growth doesn't seem to be a priority.
  • The site's been redesigned and the video parts are now easier to find. However, the pagination is limited when you're browsing the site.
  • I was disappointed to see that they still haven't improved the video quality, even for the newer movies.

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I have a bad habit of watching too much television. I might stay home to watch "Breaking Bad" or forget to sleep or eat for 48 hours because there's a "Friends" marathon on, but I wouldn't say TV dominates my life. Oh. That's not the kind of Dominant TVs we're talking about here? The site is about domineering shemales? Oops, my bad.

The TVs on this site are referred to as transvestites, but these horny individuals aren't just wearing women's clothing. They have enhanced their looks (and bodies) to appear genuinely feminine, save for a little extra hanging between their powerful thighs. (Well, that "extra" isn't actually always that little.)

The content has a broad range. You can watch a horny tranny fuck a girl while spanking her tender bottom and then see a dude gag on a shemale's cock. There are also threesomes with two dominant Tgirls and a submissive male or female, as well as tranny-on-tranny domination. What it comes down to is that you get pretty much every male/female/shemale combo you can imagine. Some men are also sissified for an added thrill.

I always love when a site gives me various kinds of kink, but this one falls short when it comes to quality. The quantity isn't appallingly low, with about 205 videos and 45 or so photo sets, but the movies will only give you below-average footage at best. And this is regardless of whether you go with the medium or high-quality vids. The pictures look decidedly better, but they're not huge and you'll have to save them individually.

As for the site itself, they've improved the design and you no longer have to deal with text links and an outdated interface, but you can only browse by 10 pages at a time. It would be easier if you could see all the page numbers. Plus, the video parts are no longer out of order except for a couple - and even then they're on the same page and not hard to find. On the update front, the photo section hasn't been touched in years and they last added a new video five weeks ago.

As a member you can surf 24 Fetish Pack bonus sites. A few of these give you more tranny sex, like on Amateur TVs, Trannie Club and Foot Fetish TVs, but others focus on Femdom, nylons, trampling, feet and smoking. Other bonuses include a bunch of movies in different categories, including shemale, and erotic stories.

Dominant TVs has a few things going for it and tranny Dominatrixes aren't found easily on every shemale porn site. That alone might entice some of you to sign up. Still, I wish the quality was higher and that they were updating more often.


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