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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Hannah The Hottie is a slender brunette with perky boobs, small nips and a pretty smile. And that's all I can tell you about her. I can't describe her butt since I rarely saw it. I can't tell you if she has a sweet voice since I never heard it and whether her poon is shaved or sporting bush? Your guess is as good as mine. Does this diminish the enjoyment I got out of her site? Not really. But there are some things that left me disappointed.

Navigation wasn't one of the irksome elements of this site, which is nice. I hate getting dizzy surfing a site and then I'm too frustrated to even enjoy the porn. You arrive on the Good Girls Pass network page once you enter your login and then you simply have to choose Hannah's site from the thumbnails. Once you do that, you're taken to her little slice of Internet pie. But some might not like this particular taste.

See, Hannah doesn't offer any movies, which may not be a big deal to all the photophiles out there, but I wanted to see her strut her stuff. There are a mere 12 photo galleries that really only whet my appetite for more. Will there be more? I doubt it. There's a list of recent network updates on her homepage that dates back to March 2011, but her name doesn't appear at all.

The images are at least large and high-res and depict our star in several outfits. She goes for classy in a white power suit, sexy in sheer lingerie and even casual in jeans. In some sets she doesn't strip at all, but instead just poses in her outfit or takes off her top, covering her nipples. You'll see her bare boobs in one gallery as she gets playful in blue undies with a feather boa.

Since Miss Hannah's material won't last long, the bonus sites are where you'll spend most of your time. There are 10 other fresh-faced chicks just waiting to arouse you, like Love Jannah, Chase The Hottie and Jana Rocks. Many of the sites aren't updating either, but many have movies.

The network is pretty softcore too, so don't expect most of these good girls to dive into hardcore sex. Hannah is undoubtedly a hottie, but she just isn't offering enough porn and the site doesn't appear to be growing.

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