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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I've heard of people starting vegetable gardens in their homes in order to cut costs. I've even heard of people taking their knitting and sewing hobbies to the next level. In short, homegrown products can be really amazing at times. How do things stack up when the product in question is Homegrown Anal Sex? Well, as with all DIY projects, your mileage might vary.

With a sitename like HomegrownAnalSex, you would probably assume that all the content stars everyday Joe Blows and Jane Blowjob-Givers enjoying a nice butt fucking in the privacy of their homes. Swap the word "all" with "many" and you will be correct.

It looks like most of the content does star amateur performers, but some come in the form of chicks new to the industry and not everyday people. I even spotted a few big names like Gianna Michaels (although the site does claim that any pornstar content is from before the chick was famous).

With your membership you also get access to the large Homegrown Video site where you will see everything from POV blowjobs and handjobs to generic hardcore sex devoid of any booty-boffing to reality scenes, like the one that features a teacher who uses visual cues to explain how vaginal sex works before sticking his visibly large cue stick deep inside a student's front pocket.

But you came here for anal sex and you will find plenty of that. Just scroll down the homepage and go page by page or head into the "categories" section and select "anal sex." I did just that and found 344 videos waiting for me. You can keep track of all your favorite scenes, as well as leave comments and ratings.

The lengths, picture clarity and lighting varies. While there are some good-quality MP4 and Windows Media files to download, the movies tend to be average in quality. This isn't all that surprising, though, given that the flicks are supposed to be amateur productions. If you want, you can just go ahead and stream them in an embedded Flash player. Despite there being a separate section for photos, the galleries merely contain blurry screen caps.

The biggest issue with the site as far as I'm concerned is that it hasn't added any new content in over a year. Growing or not, though, Homegrown Anal Sex should satisfy those who want to see some amateur anal screwing, at least for a little while.

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