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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Naughty Natural is a website on which you can see "real California hairy girls shooting themselves." I assume you all realize that the "shooting" is done with a camera and not a firearm, but I just wanted to make that clear so no one joins the site with false expectations.

In terms of design, NaughtyNatural is aesthetically pleasing, which isn't always the case with model-run sites like this one. (Featured model Nikki Silver runs the site herself.) The homepage gives you a taste of what's new, while links near the top of the page take you to the rest of the vids and pics. All the pictures can be found in one place, but the movies can be found in both the "videos" and "behind the scenes" sections.

There are about 250 movies. I say "about," because some of the videos are split up into parts and the parts aren't always presented together, so it makes counting a little more difficult and it is also a knock on the site's navigation. As is the fact that the collection is presented over many pages and you can only jump ahead a couple pages at a time or jump right to the last page. This is something that will only get more annoying as the site, and the number of pages, grows.

The movies can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded in a couple of MP4 formats. Going with the "hi resolution" option gives you the opportunity to enjoy HD footage. There are also about 150 photo galleries to browse. Comprised of high-res images, the sets are really nice and you'll be glad to know that you can download them in Zip files.

The models all have more hair than the girls you typically find on porn sites. These beauties have fur on their legs, under their arms and all around their pussies. Some simply show off their hirsute bodies, but others do a lot more.

In some cases, you can see chicks taking themselves to orgasm and hooking up with other babes. There's some nice pussy licking and toy play and I even caught one girl pleasuring another with a strapon. I was also happy to see some sexy hardcore girl/guy scenes.

The website has been around since May 2012 and it has a good amount of material to offer. Nikki updates three times a week (can be photos or vids) and once a week with behind-the-scenes footage. In fact, eight new videos have been added to the collection over the last 30 days.

The only extras are some blogs. Unlike blogs on other sites, though, some of the ones here are actually interesting and worth reading. In the end, Naughty Natural is a good destination for those in search of hairy content.

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  • Comment by: Miya.Pontes

    Score: 100% Date: 06/22/2015

    Nikki’s latest video, White Tent, features her in a beautiful white dress with stunning imagery. The first few minutes are her teasing viewers with legs and body hair. While clearly done by a professional performer and filmmaker, as with most content on Naughty Natural, it comes across as very realistic and down to earth. For those of you who like bodies in motion, White Tent features almost nine minutes of movement before masturbation even starts. Using double penetration, Nikki brings herself to an orgasm that is undoubtedly real.

    A recent photo shoot with Selina shows a tall thin woman with breasts that point up, a tight butt, and dark labia, work her way out of a beautiful crocheted top on the front porch, into orgasm in a private dark room. The shoot is sensual and the lighting is superb. It’s also accessible as a video. Naughty Natural often offers multiple ways for a videwer to get off to the same content. Selina warms up her thin body by squeezing her breasts together, rubbing her legs and playing with her nipples. She squats and plays with her adorable shoulder length dark brown hair and the desire in her face and body is painfully clear.

    In Clothespins, Nikki leaves out sex toys for model Moth. Starting with a pink vibrator Moth works her nipples down to her clit. With the perfect mixture of full body shots and close ups, the viewer really sees what Moth is doing to herself and the pleasure she derives from it.

    Felix is another popular model with recent shoots and videos. She is an exceptionally beautiful model. Using one small vibrating device Felix works her entire body in dappled light under the redwoods. About halfway through the video Felix brings in a dildo for deep vaginal penetration. Her orgasm and the adorable sounds with it are completely genuine. There’s a massive photo shoot to go with it featuring cute, sexual, and sweet faces and posturing along with body close-ups.

    While boy/girl shoots are not Naughty Natural’s focus there’s a good selection to choose from and some last over an hour. Her most reason hardcore scene is done with her partner. It’s one of the most artistic shoots on the site and their connection is very clear. There’s light choking, slapping, and even bondage for any viewer into kink.

    Naughty Natural has high quantities of girl/girl shoots. A recent hour-long shoot with model Simone Delilah begins with them arguing about gardening, but quickly turns into Nikki dominating. With lots of oral, salad tossing, slapping, nipple sucking, masturbating, and strap on play, it’s sure to be many people’s favorite.

  • Comment by: Mecho11

    Score: 97% Date: 04/08/2015

    Naughty Natural is rightly considered one of the best Hairy sites on the net, it also should be listed as a top site in the Masturbation, Reality, and Amateur categories. The content is far, far superior to typical corporate looking productions. Nothing is faked and all the female orgasms are quite real!

    You view real girls doing what they do naturally. They are all unshaven as real women were meant to be. The technical quality and videography are excellent. Nikki Silver and her friends are honestly erotically charged gals. They pursue their pleasure with vigor and share their delightful bodies with abandon. Many of the shoots occur outdoors in beautiful California and are a joy to behold.

    Is there a downside to Naughty Natural? Well, maybe some folks don't enjoy hair, but that is the way girls really are and it is lovingly displayed on NN. Customer service is outstanding and you can depend on Nikki who is both CEO and chief model to be responsive and helpful.

    The site now offers a yearly subscription of $149.95 which is a great deal since that's only $12.49 a month. Naughty Natural is a high quality Masturbation Reality site offering way more than hair. You get real American girls having real orgasms in real locations. It is the erotic equivalent of driving a Porsche or Tesla when everyone else is stuck with factory made mini-vans!


  • Comment by: NikkiSilver

    Score: 95% Date: 11/25/2014

    Hey there everyone,

    This is Nikki! The owner of NaughtyNatural! I really appreciate all the member reviews below, I didn't even know about them till now!

    It's true, I do run the site completly on my own aside from my programmer who I hire on a per hour basis to work on things so I certainly lack some things that a larger site has like tons of updates and perfect tech stuff.

    However, this site is my life, my passion, and all the orgasms and sex on it are REAL! And every dollar you spend goes directly to me and the models, to help me make more porn. This is my livelihood and I take lots of time in personal correspondence with my members because I really do appreciate their support.

    Anyways, I have lots of awesome things planned, tons of more girl/girl scenes with some more kinky and hardcore stuff, lots of a favorite model - Harley Hex (check her out if you like hairy girls) in her first ever partnered scene, plus constantly learning and improving the quality of the photo/video on the site, and lots photosets and sex videos of your truely.

    Again, thanks so much for all your support, and if you have any questions/concerns please email me at

    Nikki Silver :)

  • Comment by: Reylt

    Score: 85% Date: 10/23/2014

    Site is not kidding when it says it is natural,, some of those vags look like they have never seen a razor,, so if that is your sort of thing-look no further.

    The Bad:
    A little more modeling/posing focused. I wish there was more hardcore content, but Nikki has said she is expanding more into it.
    Heafty price tag, but see Good for my rationale on it.
    Make sure your player is up to date, I was using an old comp and the playback was very choppy-no real fault to the site, it s pretty much HD quality all around.
    The Good:Totally non-studio supported. Hence the higher then usual price tag. Your subscription money is going to her-not to a studio's bank account. That feel-good support local business type.
    Nikki is very responsive to members suggestions.
    Some models here and there but there is a natural feel to it, and "curious friends" of models appear as well-which adds to the amateur feel.
    Overall, a well-rounded active porn site, make sure you are into this genre of porn. Nikki, if you're reading--stay attentive, don't become like other self-ran ones and take off once you've made enough money/discontinue (or at least adjust your price if and when).

  • Comment by: max

    Score: 80% Date: 06/04/2014

    Hi, the price is $29.99,,,,$24.99 is not available...

  • Comment by: EarlB

    Score: 90% Date: 05/26/2014

    Naughty Natural is truly making a serious challenge to ATK:Hairy and WeAreHairy. I am very impressed at how this site has improved both in quality and quantity over the last year! Todd Elroy is correct about Nikki's personal attention to her customers. In fact, this site could eventually rate as one of the better sites in the Individual Models category as Nikki continues to add more and better videos/photo sets of her own sexy, hairy body.

    There are still some growing pangs here in technical areas and the west coast hairy girls are not everybody's cup of tea but, if you're a hairy pussy lover, Naughty Natural is definitely worth a month!

  • Comment by: Todd Elroy

    Score: 95% Date: 01/17/2014

    The below commenter is correct that Nikki does run the site on her own. (I'm a member and have corresponded with her extensivly) so of course, you are paying premium for what, compared to ATK and such is a small amount of content.

    However, as a fan of hairy girl porn for years, I find Nikki to be making the best, most honest and real hairy porn out there. Yes it is mostly solo scenes at the moment but they seem to be real orgasms, much more engaging, I think then sites like ATK where it seems they are churning out solo content.

    Additionally she has started to update with boy/girl content of herself(which I think are fantasitic, she's such a ravenous animal) and told me she plans to start shooting other models doing boy/girl. The nice thing about her lesbian content is that you know it's real, compared with other sites where it seems rather fake.

    I will say, load times and updates could be improved. But when you're getting served cavier you can wait, know what I'm saying?

  • Comment by: 33

    Score: 75% Date: 12/06/2013

    Could not have said it better. To my knowledge, this site is pretty much independent ran, which like local business, the prices are going to be a tad inflated.

    Nikki, the main model is worth the lot (at least to me) I enjoyed her other appearances on other sites. Her energy and what she brings to the site is worth it. But if your a Hardcore Hardcore kind of guy (or girl) this would better suit as a site when you get bored of the Hardcore stuff.

    There is some good lesbian themed content though. I personally wish there was more boy girl scenes, but I think this is destined to be more of a model site with lesbian scenes. Keep up the good work!

  • Comment by: Earl

    Score: 65% Date: 02/15/2013

    Not much to add to Rabbit's review. The price recently went up to $25 per month putting it on the high end of reasonable. This site is basically a more video intensive version of HippieGoddess with more masturbation and lesbian content. If you like the U.S. West Coast tattooed, hairy, hippie girls then you'll like this site. As is often the case with model-run sites, Rabbit is correct: the update schedule is irregular; I would say it averages about 3 per week.

    Conclusion: At the moment, Naughty Natural is on the steep side of price/content but, could improve with time. Recently, there has been a slump in true hairy models at the big sites. This one could be a serious contender for the ATKs of the world if it continues to grow.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:02/15/2013): Thanks for the review, Earl, and a head's up on the pricing change. It is much appreciated.