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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Sexy Sirenz has a lot of hot babes and they're all jonesing for one thing. Well, you probably want it to be your groin, but it's actually a smoke they're dying to have. They take drags on cigarettes in elegant holders, they puff on fat cigars and they spark up regular old smokes. Whichever way they do it, they'll have you burning up.

If you've joined your fair share of mega-sites in the past, you'll recognize the design. The latest and upcoming updates appear on the homepage and you can find all the movies and photos in their own section. The content comes from four sites that focus on a specific kind of smoking fetish.

For those who like to see women sucking on stogies, Sexy Cigar Vixens is your first stop. If you've got a thing for slender cigarette holders, Sexy Holder Sirens is your site and if you just want to see hotties satisfying their cravings for a cigarette, check out Sexy Cigarette Sirens.

You're looking at about 122 movies. A few are split into two parts, but the rest can be streamed or saved in their full lengths and are also offered in a series of clips. The photo section had me stumped for a bit since they looked like vid caps, but were quite large, like real photographs. However, I am thinking they are just clearer-than-usual screen captures.

You have the option of saving high-def Windows Media and MP4 files and there are smaller files if you want to save disk space. There are also mobile MP4s as well as 3GPs for older devices.

The smokers are all pretty young and many have funky hair colors and ink. They sip wine and chug beer as they inhale and one blonde beauty (dressed in only a man's dress shirt) drank coffee and read the paper while taking hauls on a cigar. Most women don't get nude (although they're dressed in sexy clothing or lingerie), but I did see a couple of masturbation scenes and girl-on-girl kissing.

You can view all the content together or you can just check out an individual site via the drop-down menu. You can rate it, add it to your favorites, leave comments and sort the material by title, most recent or most popular. The advanced search works well, too. I searched for "blonde" and the results gave me nothing by pale-haired puffers.

The keyword tags make finding what you find pretty easy as well. I noticed that one tag was "formal wear" and these were my favorites. I love when a woman dresses up in finery and smokes a cigarette. Many also wore gloves made of lace or satin to visually enhance the experience.

There is a "custom" link and I take this to mean that you can soon make requests for a customized shoot, but the area is blank. There's also an "art" link, but that has a "coming soon" note. If you want to check out the performers in more details, head into "sirens." It seems their vital stats aren't in place just yet, but you can find all of their material on one page.

The Sexy Sirenz are indeed hot and watching them enjoy their cigarettes and cigars certainly had me transfixed. The site provides a decent amount of smoking content, updates almost every day and I can't complain about the quality. I would like some variety in the scenes, perhaps a change in location or a bit of dialogue, but maybe that's on the way.

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