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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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Near my house is a building where they rent out office space and one day I walked in and checked out the place. Walking down the hallways and looking in on all the empty offices, I thought about throwing a desk and couch into one of them and bringing in girls who wanted to "audition." I never actually did it, but the guys on Backroom Facials sure have.

Truth be told, I have no idea what it looks like outside of the office that all the scenes take place in, but inside there is always white walls, wall-to-wall carpeting and one or two hot chicks. Whether they are true auditions or not is not something I can't tell you. But I can tell you that the girls are mostly all amateurs and do a good job of seeming nervous and unsure about what is going to happen (blowjobs, fucking and a face full of cum).

I have seen other "audition" websites out there, but they generally set up the scenes by telling us that while the girls think they are auditioning, the guy doing the audition isn't actually a real agent. In these scenes they don't go that route. There is no talk about "tricking" the girls or anything like that.

It takes a couple of clicks to get to the site, but it isn't a big deal. Just go to the "all websites" section of the menu after you sign in and you'll find the site in an alphabetical list on that page. Once there I found 130 episodes.

The photos are high-res and each video comes with an HD MP4 download. There is also a Windows Media download and you can stream every scene in an embedded player. The movies also come with the option to split them up into parts and each part can be streamed and downloaded.

The site is updating once a week, but between updates you definitely won't be without things to see because your membership comes with access to the entire Bangbros Network, with sites like Bang Bus and Big Tit Creampie.

Given that the main action is really good and that it's presented in high-quality vid and pics, it's easy for me to recommend joining Backroom Facials. I'll think you'll be able to suspend your disbelief long enough to enjoy the content.

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