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Updated on: 06/21/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • The website has grown in size, but it won't be getting any bigger because updates stopped.

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I cannot emphasize enough how good it feels to be treated to a hot session of salad-tossing. Granted if you're interested in a site called Ass Worship Movies then I imagine you already have some clue as to the benefits of a good rimming. So I'm preaching to the choir while singing the praises of the all-mighty rimjob.

The one thing that makes AssWorshipMovies kind of unique (besides the fact that the content is exclusive) is that there's a mix of who's being rimmed and who's doing the rimming. You'll see girls licking the assholes of other girls, guys getting theirs tossed by chicks, and babes who dominate their men by having them lick the insides of their backsides while they masturbate.

They describe some of the scenes as Femdom, saying the women are humiliating their men by making them French kiss their anuses. I'm sure that many find it an embarrassing act, but personally I'd love to have a cutiepie like Faye Reagan standing in front of me in a cheerleader uniform, telling me to give her butt a real tongue lashing.

There are currently 47 videos available. You can enjoy HD versions when you download them in the better of the two Windows Media files. You also have a couple of MP4 formats, including one that's meant for mobile devices.

While the site does have some things going for it, it also has some problems. For starters, the flicks are a bit short, lasting less than 10 minutes each. Also, there aren't any photos and you can't stream any of the scenes. Getting around could be a little easier as well. The videos are spread across a few pages and you can only go ahead or back one page at a time.

The interface in general is a bit basic. You can't post comments or rate the scenes, but the material is labeled with keyword tags and there's a basic search. You'll also find links to Amateur Upskirts, Pantyhose Amateurs and Michelle Lynn and these bonuses are fun, but you're not getting more rimjobs from them.

In fact, you aren't getting any additional salad-tossing from Ass Worship Movies either. Though nothing is dated, I can tell you that the site isn't updating anymore. In the end, it might be worth joining, but it's a bit pricey and stuck at its current size.

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