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Updated on: 01/02/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
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Since we last visited RubATeen...

  • The wait between updates has gotten longer, which helps to explain why only 11 videos and photo sets have been posted.
  • The network included with a membership has a couple more sites.

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It isn't often that a site makes you question your life choices, but that's exactly the effect Rub A Teen is having on me right now. I'm sitting here wondering why the hell I'm wasting my time reviewing porn when I could be out making a living giving hot girls rubdowns and fucking them while I'm on the clock. That's what the guys on this site do and I hate them for it.

The pathway into RubATeen isn't a straight one, as you start your journey on the Team Skeet network's homepage. But from there it's easy to get to the massage action you came for, because all you need to do is select the appropriate website from a drop-down menu. You'll find it among many other network sites and I'll give you more info about some of them in a little bit.

Sticking with this offering, there are presently 91 videos and 91 photo sets to be found. The collection is still growing, but slowly. It's currently been more than a month since the last update. You can stream the movies in an embedded player and download them in a number of formats, including Full HD MP4s.

As for the photo sets, they come with gorgeous pics (the newer ones have a high-res viewing/download option) that show the girls posing, stripping, getting their rubdowns, giving blowjobs, fucking and getting jizzed on. You can view the images in slideshows and download them in Zip files. The chicks are just stunning and the material looks just as good as they do.

The scenes start with the girls entering a room and then stripping shortly thereafter. Once nude, they lie down on a massage table and allow the masseurs to work their magic. The massages begin professionally enough, but it doesn't take long before some inappropriate touching starts to take place. After that, it's only a matter of time before the girls are giving head and spreading their legs for a hard dick.

Those network sites I mentioned before are sure to factor into your decision on whether or not you get a membership. Her Freshman Year, Innocent High, Self Desire and Titty Attack are just a few of the ones you can check out. There are more than 20 in all and you'll be glad to know that the girls are all really cute. There aren't any more massages, but there is a whole lot of sex.

Rub A Teen has reached a size where it's big enough to be worth joining. It doesn't update as frequently these days, but the quality is high and the scenes are very hot, so you can feel good about getting yourself a membership if watching babes feel good on massage tables is what turns you on.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 100% Date: 01/29/2016

    A perfect site! with a lot of wonderful views on pussy on the bed, getting more and more open and after that, they open also their mouth for the masseurs dick . . .
    as i also do massages in private life, i always dream of such a situation: a young teen coming for massage- and opens her leg while i am doing the massage . . .

  • Comment by: john

    Score: 3% Date: 11/13/2012

    I realy admire the site phots and the digital colour stuffs. I love it