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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Although the submissive in a BDSM relationship may look like the helpless one, he or she is truly the one in control. After all, one slight peep of the safeword and the entire thing comes to an abrupt end. Asiana Starr is the one being bound with chains, ropes and leather belts and hoisted and spread and flogged, but she's also the who appears to be enjoying the interaction the most.

That may sound silly since she cries, sobs, drools and moans in pain. I mean, that doesn't sound like enjoyment, does it? But by the way she describes her scenes and just how pliant she is as her "punisher" manipulates her tiny body, you can tell that she's experiencing some heady, sensual feeling from being trussed up and tightly gagged or even hooded. There's also some flogging, hair pulling, waxplay and a bit of choking.

At times the bindings are rather simple and others look to be excruciating and also virtually inescapable. Sometimes her two legs are tied spread apart and her panty-covered pussy is flogged. Other times she is made to perch on cement blocks, sawhorses or tables and hoisted in a particular way that looks most uncomfortable. She is usually moaning the whole time over her gag. She was gagged quickly and firmly in all the videos I watched.

There are about 92 movies and while most are full length, a handful of them are broken up into two parts. Older moves are available in excellent-quality MPEGs, while newer ones can only be saved in good-quality Windows Media files. Streaming, unfortunately, isn't an option.

I didn't see any full nudity, but you get amazing views of her curves and sometimes a peek at her shaved pussy. She performs in different kinds of lacy and racy lingerie, tight jeans, dresses, latex and as a schoolgirl. She wears lots of sexy stilettos as well.

If you're more of a bondage photo buff, you had better prepare yourself for a little disappointment as there are only four photo galleries and they are somewhat small, but filled with high-res images. You can open them in a slideshow and they give you full-body shots as well as closeups of her usually tear-stained face.

She hasn't added any new picture sets since the end of September 2012, but she is adding movies pretty frequently. Just in the last month, there have been over 20 scenes posted. You can rate both the flicks and the pics, which is decent, but I would've liked some sort of search function.

If you're looking for bonus sites, you're out of luck, but Asiana does have a few extras if you've got a bit more cash in your pockets. You can cough up the dough to purchase lingerie she's worn, schedule a Skype date with different time increments and also request a custom video.

Asiana Starr definitely adores her playtime and it's interesting to watch her push her limits. Some improvements could be made to elevate the score, but I think she's on the right track. With frequently added movies, good-quality material and exclusivity on her side, this site will satisfy bondage fans.

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