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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Bonga Cams was a newcomer a few years ago, trying to compete against MyFreeCams and other tipping cam sites. While initially I wasn't a big fan of the site, my latest visit made me rethink my opinion.

First of all, the design and user experience were completely revamped. The site is now much more user and mobile friendly. Second, there's a TON more performers online. While predominantly still Eastern European, there are many more amateur performers as well as those from English-speaking countries (U.K mainly). Lastly, they added HD cams, although these still only represent about 20% of the performers.

When I signed in there were 420 performers online. Several tabs allow you to narrow down your selection by females, couples, males, transsexuals, new models and those in "spy mode." There's also a sorting feature to further filter by HD, various performer attributes and view other options. On the left there are a few predefined categories you can select.

The chat window is very much akin to the one on My Free Cams, with all kinds of emoticons and animations, but I found them annoying and distracting. I mean we're adults, not teenagers. The same goes for the performers' profile pages. It's just design overkill on some of them and impossible to read without having a seizure.

The prices for tokens are pretty much in line with what other sites of this kind charge. The only snag is that this one bills in Euros, so the prices will fluctuate for some of us. Recently it's become more expensive due to the EUR/USD exchange rate. Needless to say, just like with other tipping sites, a private chat is extremely expensive.

You're better off trying to get a "group chat" or go in "spy mode." Spy mode is cool 'cause it allows you to preview the action (in a blurry mode) before joining the chat. Bonga is one of the few cam sites that show you the amount of tokens you have left in real time.

The cam quality does vary and needs improvement. Even many of the HD ones I checked out weren't fluid. I think it's due to most of the performers being in Eastern Europe where connection speeds might not be as fast as North America and Western Europe.

The mobile site is simple and easy to use, but the cam motion wasn't fluid on my iPhone and, just like on other sites that use in-line video chats and are forced to stream an MPEG file, the end result is low quality. The community features are nice. For example you can "friend" performers and other users and send them messages, write on their walls, gift them, etc.

The design and navigation were smooth and simple and I found some girls who were very friendly and more than willing to do anything I asked of them. The full private chat is on the expensive side, but chances are that if you're reading this review, you're into tipping and also into free cam sites, so it shouldn't bother you. Overall it's a good site and a good alternative to MyFreeCams.

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  • Comment by: sw1085

    Score: 1% Date: 01/24/2015

    Unfortunately I've noticed a few incorrect statements made on this site. They claim that you get paid 50% of earnings but actually the customer pays in Euros and the models are paid in US Dollars. The page is screwing all of the models over on the FX rate from Euros to US Dollars because at the time of writing this, the actual EUR/USD rate is 1.12 yet they are paying closer to 1.01. Thats nearly a 12% difference.

    Aside from this, the customers are very cheap, tipping close to nothing.

    Not worth the effort if you ask me with them robbing us all on the exchange rate. I have several models working on that page in my studio and it all adds up when they are all being screwed on the FX rate.

    The best thing this page could do is to charge the customers in US Dollars as well to remove the FX rate risk from their business. Not make money from the models!

  • Comment by: Sam

    Score: 3% Date: 10/18/2014

    I agree this site has been improved rapidly since 2012 . maybe there are more features has to be added but its overall is ok in my book as a visitor

    Not sure but I see same models through All Girls Flash while opening bongacams hope its the same site :)!