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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I was not previously familiar with the DVDs produced by the studio Kallamacka. After I read the tagline "macker oder mieze?" I at least knew that I was dealing with a German site, despite speaking little of the language. As far as I can tell, the phrase translates loosely into "man or pussy?"

I came to that conclusion after reading a Google-translated German blog that carefully analyzes why the two men behind Kallamacka chose that turn of phrase. The blogger explains the outdated view once held by straights that gays fall into traditional gender roles in relationships. He implies that such a belief was a heteronormative attempt to understand the idea of a Top versus a bottom and that this couple's porn explores the real juxtaposition.

Maybe that description is too cerebral for you, but the brain is the biggest sex organ. It's also quite a clever analysis, because when you see the men in the 47 videos you'll realize that even though they're being passive, they weren't born into that role. Nothing in the collection isn't dated, but I know that nothing has been added since at least the summer of 2013. That obviously isn't good.

The studs in these hardcore scenes are all macho badasses and a bit rough around the edges. You wouldn't really suspect that any of them are into bum sex, which is what makes these scenes so exciting despite their average-quality playback. There are also 25 photo sets, but none of the pics that make up these sets are downloadable.

The blowjobs and anal sex often unfold in graffiti-marred alleyways or inside abandoned industrial buildings, although there are other equally creative settings for unbridled man-on-man action, like in a porn theater and in a car parked outside a club. I also appreciate how there are kinky elements thrown into the encounters, like smoking, sock sniffing, sneaker licking and foot worship.

The interface is user-friendly enough, but you can't save your favorites. You can rate the content, but when it comes to sorting by those ratings, or even by the latest updates, you end up with results from across this VOD network. Granted, the vids from the bonus sites, Sneaker Sex, Spritzz, Staxus, Young Bastards and Kink Force have similar performers, rough fucking and fetish-related twists.

To view the footage you have to buy tokens (called "tickets") and more often than not it takes four of them for 24-hour access. Overall, Kallamacka has hot, rough sex, but the quality is average and there hasn't been an update in a while. Also, depending on how many tokens you buy, four of them could cost $2-$5, which seems a little expensive for a 24-hour rental of one scene.

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