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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I once played a video game called "Pokemon Snap" in which the whole point was to take photos of Pikachu and his animal pals in the wild. Is there an Erotic Snap video game like that? Because after visiting the site, I'd bet it's a million times more fun and a billion times sexier.

The "about" section promises that porn isn't just a man's world anymore. I would argue that it never really was, but I understand what they mean. There isn't a ton of hardcore sex and when there is it's nothing extreme. Instead, EroticSnap focuses on eroticism and is meant for both men and women to enjoy.

The majority of the content stars women on their own. Half of those scenes are softcore stripping and posing, while the other half shows the models masturbating with their fingers, dildos and/or other sex toys. The other scenes bring you hardcore blowjobs and sex that really focus on seduction. I saw some lesbian sex, too.

This isn't the largest site and updates aren't the fastest either. New material is added once a week, but it's random as to whether it will be in the form of a new gallery or a new video. The site has so far amassed 43 movies and 79 photo sets.

The good news is that the movies can be viewed in several formats, each offering a different sized file. You can stream the vids through an embedded Flash player as well, but the streams have to load before you can advance them. Each movie comes in high-def and the best option is the largest QuickTime file. Runtimes are generally eight minutes, but the hardcore scenes tend to be longer.

The photos are just as impressive and come in three sizes. Regardless of which one you choose, though, you'll always find high-res images. You can view them online and save them in Zip folders. The lighting is perfect in each shot and the clarity is great. Like in the movies, you'll find hardcore and lesbian sex, masturbation and softcore posing.

The design is very nice, but the navigation isn't all that great. It's easy to find all the content, but you don't get any search functions and all the movies are mixed in with the photo galleries on one page, so you'll have to do a lot of scrolling to find what you want. There is a model index with brief write-ups, though.

There aren't any extras, but you can check out a blog that sometimes discusses what it was like to film a particular scene. The English is a bit wiggy at times, suggesting that it's not the writer's first language. Considering every model is Czech, I think the writer might be too.

There's no denying that the content on Erotic Snap is hot and very high in quality, but it would be nice to have a faster update schedule and improved usability. The site has grown since our last visit, though, and has enough to get you started. The price is pretty reasonable, too.

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