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Updated on: 01/16/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • It's become clear that the website is rotating its content.

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They say that in a two-parent household good parenting requires both partners to show a united front. However, any smart son or daughter knows that often if one parent says "No" you simply need to change your presentation and the other might say "Yes." On Teens Conquer Moms, the action doesn't involve parental manipulation, but instead young lesbians convincing older women to have sex with them.

Some of the mothers on TeensConquerMoms look like they could be in their 40s, while others might only be in their 30s. Most of the time though, regardless of age, the older of the two has a body that looks as if it's gone through pregnancy and they often have saggy tits and slightly stretched-out tummies. They also sometimes wear bad gray wigs just to make it clear who's the mom.

The plots for the 30 videos vary, but they usually start out innocently enough. For example, a mature woman comes bounding down the stairs in high heels and manages to twist her ankle. A teen in a bikini top and short-shorts seems rather keen to help her out by massaging her injured foot. One thing leads to another and, as is always the case in porn, sex eventually occurs.

You can't download any of the videos, but the streams look amazing, even when you enlarge them to full screen. You also have a couple lower-quality options, but the least impressive one doesn't have subtitles, which the other two versions do. You'll also find vid caps for every scene as well as 15 sets of high-res pics to download in Zip files.

You get eight bonus sites, including Matures Fuck Teens, with more MILFs fucking horny, less-experienced girls. A couple of the other sites, Boys Under Matures and Matures Under Boys, involve older chicks messing around with younger guys. There's also the Femdom-themed She Sado Me, or check out BDSM on Teens Obedience Lesson. These add value to your membership, but only one of them is theme-related.

The interface is pretty bare-bones and you can't save your favorites, leave comments or rate the content. You also won't find a model index or keyword tags on any of the scenes. There's also no advanced search engine, but the collection isn't really big enough to need one.

While the website seems to be updating, all it's really doing is rotating its content, so those features are unlikley to ever be needed. In the end, Teens Conquer Moms could be a much better site. It isn't huge, isn't growing and doesn't allow you to save any of its movies.

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