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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When I first read the name Ceara Lynch I thought that it was an odd sort of moniker for any kind of pornstar. Then I realized that she bills herself as a "Humiliatrix extraordinaire" so the pretty first name with the last name invoking the image of someone choking at the end of a rope made more sense. When I saw that she warns every loser who visits to leave his dignity at the door, I realized she may look cute, but she doesn't play cutesy with the boys.

Reading the blog of Mistress CearaLynch, she makes it clear that her time is valuable, because time, after all, is money. So for example, she quite freely shares a message from some pathetic man who claimed to want to be her slave, but then dared to ask why she might inquire about the state of his finances. She says that she likes receiving insults more than the mundane repetition of compliments, but that poor sap learns that her patience only stretches so far. She maybe can take it, but she sure does dish it out!

In fact, many of her 392 videos are like POV humiliation sessions. It's a camera pointed at her at a slightly upward angle as if you're crouching before her glorious female form. She teases you in all kinds of sexy outfits. However, for every flirtatious step toward the lens she makes, she hurls out a comment to belittle you, so that you sit back in your chair as if she's physically shoved you back in your place. It's Femdom at its best.

Other Dominatrixes with a similar shtick haven't always resonated with me like Ceara does. Granted, she's young and beautiful, so she would excite me no matter what she was doing. However, her hotness also makes the experience all the more personally plausible. I know that when I look at her that I'm not worthy and she has every right to call me a dirty old man for wanting to touch myself while I ogle her in her bra and panties. I am a bad, bad boy. I do deserve to be verbally berated and barely tolerated.

Unfortunately, I might love Ms. Lynch, but the fact that her vids offer streaming-only, average-looking playback is almost grounds for me to start standing up for my pathetic self again. Then again, do I really deserve better as a filthy middle-aged pervert? Probably not and so I guess that even if her three sets of pics don't have the largest images, I should think myself lucky that Ceara has shared just a bit more of her private and professional life with me.

Her collection isn't dated, but the number of videos has grown by almost 200 in the last year. Also, she does a live cam show twice each month that comes included with your membership. There are no archived performances, but I'm sure that they're as hot (and more interactive) than her vids. Ceara Lynch might seem pricey with no downloadable vids, but you don't deserve to pay less!

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