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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Billy Knockout, Steve Joker and Jimmi The Clap are just some of the dudes pictured on the tour for Fuck Moms Around. These younger fellows like older pussy and they're "agents" who travel the world looking for mature women to nail. That's the premise of this site, but before moving on, who gives themself the nickname "The Clap?" How many MILFs can you get to fuck around with you when you introduce yourself with that moniker? Well, you'd be surprised.

Although the dudes have pics on the tour, I didn't really place any of them in the flicks. I'm sure they appeared in a few, but all the slim, white dudes looked the same to me. The females, on the contrary, will appeal to a wide range of mature-babe fans. There are chubby ladies pushing 50 and 60 and also more slender, hotter chicks in their 40s. You'll see floppy boobs and hairy bush, but also perkier tits and asses. The sex is standard hardcore fare with oral sex, penetration and the like.

The movies are divided into two sections: "fuck moms around videos" and "videos." The difference is that the movies in the former section are exclusive to this site, while the flicks in the latter are from another network site. Since they all stick to the younger-man-older-woman theme, I included them all in my movie count, which totals 431 films. There's another section called "more videos," but these are indeed extras and give you solo chicks masturbating and sex between younger couples.

There are three pieces of bad news when it comes to the films. First, they're only downloadable in two-minute clips. Second, the vids will either give you poor or below-average playback. And third, if I go by the date listed on the homepage, they haven't a new flick since the beginning of 2012. Well, there's no year posted with the month and day, so it could be any year really.

The pictures are broken into two sections as well. They have an exclusive archive as well as one just marked "mature lady and sweet dude" photos, so again since they both explore the same theme, I counted both and came up with 192 photo galleries. The photos are a good enough size and medium-res. There are two extra galleries that depict younger women with mature men and also intergenerational lesbo action.

If you like to see real mature women getting plowed by younger average-looking dudes, then Fuck Around Moms has the goods, but they really could do a lot to improve their score. The cons outnumber the pros right now and you could find more value for your money somewhere else.

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