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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Did you ever have a crush on one of your dad's friends? Maybe he was one of those guys who everyone thinks is a real ladies' man. You know the kind. He's never been married, but explains it away by saying that although he's had a string of girls he's just not interested in settling down.

Did you ever suspect that there might be a reason why this confirmed bachelor has never found the right girl? Perhaps you hoped that he was as secretly perverted as the older men on Dads Vs Twinks.

To be fair, most of the experienced fellows on DadsVsTwinks do look like the marrying kind rather than the type of swinging single that I mentioned in my intro. They often have pot bellies, unkempt body hair and many are balding, but at least their meaty uncut cocks seem to all be in working order.

To recapture their lost youth these daddies seduce young, slim, hairless hunks. Some of the boys bend over to take well-aged poles up their holes, while other times papa gets anally breached by teen dick.

There are 256 videos and although that amount is decent enough, it's rather unfortunate that they deliver mostly poor-quality playback. You will find some that have slightly higher bit rates, but they're still below average at best. You will also find 256 photo sets and you may stumble upon a high-res pic here and there, but there are no Zip files.

Sometimes they give the scenes titles that entail some kind of plot, like "sex at professor's place" or "doctor makes me scream," but there are no English subtitles and even if I could speak Russian, any dialogue is kind of muffled. More confusing (or perhaps even disturbing) is that some vids seem to have dubbed sex sounds that are not only out of sync, but also slowed down from normal speed. You'll think you're hearing demonic growls and moans from the pit of hell.

At any rate, you'll see one-on-one matchups that really don't need much explanation once the blowjob and anal sex get underway. The camerawork and settings are rather amateur, so the lighting isn't always ideal and the penetration isn't always shown from the best angle.

You will find 11 additional flicks and 172 photo sets showing gay solo and hardcore. The last update doesn't show a year, but shows January 28, so we know that it has been more than seven months since the last video was added. I'll also mention that you can't save your favorites, leave comments, rate the content or do advanced searches.

I also realized after checking out more of the movies that you will find the occasional mature man in great shape as well as shoots where both partners are younger even if that's not on target theme-wise. In the end, Dads Vs Twinks is clearly not worth joining, because the quality is just not high enough.

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