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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Two things that drive me nuts about a lot of sites out there is when they're horribly formatted for a mobile device and when they're a poorly made teen site. (How do you mess up a teen site? Show me teenagers fucking and I'm happy! It's not that complicated!) HD Sex 18 Mobile gets the teen equation down pat, but the organization isn't the most efficient.

The design on HDSex18Mobile is simple. There are two sections: one being the model listings and the other is the homepage, which doubles as the movie index. You can sort both by most recent, most popular and highest rated.

Where things get complicated is that the homepage is technically separate from the video section. What I mean by this is that you must take advantage of one of the sorting options or else all that it will display are five movies and six model listings. From there, you can navigate the videos as you see fit, but you're forced to rely on "next" and "prev" buttons to do so.  As it currently stands, you get 132 movies. Around half of them are exclusive.

The videos mostly depict sex between a teen babe and a guy, both of whom appear to be Russian. There's a bit of chit-chat at the beginning, but luckily it doesn't last very long before the action starts. You'll be glad about this because the dialogue isn't subtitled. The sex is really hot, showing great blowjobs, pussy drilling, anal action and a few threesomes, so you would want whatever setup there is to be really brief anyway.

The videos generally look to have the same quality, but the lighting varies a bit depending on the scene. Still, every movie looks good from what I saw. You'll see a thumbnail with a scene title to give you an idea as to who stars in each film and what they do, but there aren't any photos.

The model listings look to be fairly barebones, but I liked the popup style. You'll see a profile pic and her name and when you click on one, it expands to show you stats like her age (most are 18, but I spied a few 19-year-olds too), her hair color, whether she shaves her pussy or not and how big her boobs and butt are. It then lists her scenes by way of linked titles.

The scenes aren't dated, but in the last eight months or so they have added about 50 new movies, which comes out to one new movie every five days or so. If you were wondering about the desktop version of HD Sex 18, well, you don't have to wonder, because you get access it as a bonus. Despite its faults, fans of teen porn will enjoy what they get on HD Sex 18 Mobile.

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