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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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As a member of Jeskas Hotbox Mobile, you have the ability to check out a cute babe with a tight body and tattoos whenever you want. That means you can give her a look while walking outside, riding the bus or traveling by train. You could even give her a glance while driving, though I wouldn't recommend it, because nothing brings a hot masturbation session to an unsatisfying and abrupt end quite like a head-on collision with another vehicle.

JeskasHotboxMobile has an aesthetically pleasing look and given that the site has been designed with portable devices in mind, it's always easy to navigate. The movies and photos have their own sections, so exploring the two areas is simple. You can click your way through the different pages of content and you can also jump to specific pages.

Jeska can currently be seen in 28 videos. They come in an MP4 format and they're all pretty hot, as they show her getting naked and showing off her great body. Unfortunately, they aren't perfect. The first thing wrong with them is that they're usually pretty short. The second issue is that they don't look as good as they could. They're all kind of average looking when viewed on a mobile device.

One could argue that Jeska's photos are better than her videos, because they're always crisp and clear. Also, they bring you even sexier sights. There are 56 picture sets where you'll see additional posing and stripping, as well as masturbation and a little sensual touching between girls.

Nothing on Jeska's mobile site is dated, but if you take a look at her non-mobile site (which you have bonus access to as a member), there are dates there. Using them, I can establish that the most recent video is from December 2012. There's nothing to tell me when there'll be more on the way, so I suppose we'll just have to be patient and keep our fingers crossed.

Should you take the time to visit the standard version of Jeskas Hotbox, you can download your favorite movies and also use it to access a dozen bonus sites. Most of them are focused on other individual models and they have names like Kori Kitten, Lizzie HD and Tera 19.

Jeskas Hotbox Mobile is a little small and it isn't growing at the moment. Given these facts, you might want to wait for the website to get back to updating before you give it a look. Let's hope we see some new scenes soon.

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