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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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For The Girls tour certainly had my interest piqued. With romantic images of couples embracing, it advertises reviews, erotic fiction, sex advice and sex columns. It also shows images of an MMF threesome. Was this site going to be the perfect marriage between soft and hardcore porn?

ForTheGirls is an ezine with plenty of erotica and it's exciting to come across a site that doesn't offer potbellied guys too afraid to show their faces while they fuck gorgeous babes. Here you'll see male centerfolds and strippers, solo men masturbating and sex where the participants are focused on each other's pleasure and not just their own.

The homepage is clean and you can navigate the site using the links along the top of the page. Being in the horny mood that I was, I dove right into the movies and photo sets. Both sections are broken down further into categories like "exclusive," "couples" and "solo men" for easy surfing. I also noticed that there are keyword tags and a drop-down list of categories.

The movies show sex between couples, as well as interviews and footage from films festivals, events and sex expositions, but there's much more in the archives. To get to them, go to the last page of each video section and scroll to the bottom where you'll find a link, which could have been more prominent in my opinion.

There's a note that some of the older content is still in the process of being transferred to the newer members' area, so hopefully it will be easier to get to this in the future. While perusing this section, I had to rely on my "back" button more than I liked and there was no pagination except for "more videos," which isn't ideal.

I counted 257 videos and 954 medium-res photo sets. From what I can tell they've been adding good-quality videos for a while now. The site has been around since 2003, so the quality varies greatly. Notes in the archives say that they're in the process of converting the older files to MP4, so the quality might soon be the same for all of them.

Whether hairy or bare-chested, the guys are cut! There are more regular guys who range in age, but there's something for every taste. There's a "couples" gallery with sensual, romantic lesbian and hardcore photos that really focus on the woman being pleasured. The sets are diverse, with good lighting showing off every muscle above and below the belt and the angles are intimate.

I then decided to check out the other content. "Features" focus on articles similar to cover stories. They are well-written and I found myself reading about beauty myths, fetishes, aphrodisiacs and bisexuality. Articles included how-tos, while columns offered advice and a more intimate peak at sexual issues. There's also plenty of audio files and erotic fiction.

The collection doesn't have any dates, but I checked the RSS feed and it looks like you can expect a photo set or movie once a week, with more written content added in between. I was impressed with For The Girls and I think it has accomplished the task it set out to do.

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  • Comment by: Mack Brey

    Score: 75% Date: 11/21/2014

    From the title, For the Girls, I imagined a site geared toward the female audience but it focuses heavily on men so I was a little disappointed. But, the site has several other features that are decent like the erotic fiction, articles, advice columns that balance out the misconception from the title. Site has lots of pictures, movies, interviews, jokes and a daily blog to keep visitors entertained, a pretty good site for those that like a variety of content.

  • Comment by: Susi

    Score: 35% Date: 06/21/2011

    How disappointing. What appeared to be a real quality site seems to be just a mingle-mangle of stuff you may have already seen on some free sites. There is "a lot" on this site, but nothing really great.

    The content may have more of a pro-female touch, but it's not really outstanding. Furthermore they link to some other sites where streaming DVDs can be watched (but not downloaded). This all is the really basic bad normal porn stuff that annoys you everywhere. The site seems to try to be some sort of community for the women, but this just doesn't fit.

    The worst for me are the tiny video sizes. Most of the videos aren't even 640x480 but only 320x180. And they seem not to be made for downloading. Not all of them can be downloaded as a whole file.
    And most videos are very short. Not enough time to build up that special mood I was hoping to find. And it's not that many videos by the way.

    The pictures are alright, but not worth all that money.

    There are quite a few "articles", columns, reviews, stories etc. to read. This is the better part of the site. But again, this is nothing you would want to pay for that kind of money but just read or watch it for free somewhere in the net.

    It would be an OK-Site for let's say 5$ a month for women who want to get informed. Not necessarily the site to download videos for the relaxed evening. I'm really sorry I paid that money but thankful to have taken not the re-curring offer.

  • Comment by: Ethen

    Score: 100% Date: 01/25/2011

    I think this site is amazing!! But, you do need to put some photos in here where a man is sucking a woman's ass and squeezing her pee part at the same time.

  • Comment by: queenkat

    Score: 45% Date: 04/26/2009

    Seems to be catering to gay guys like Playgirl did.
    For the Boys?